Chase Madar


New York civil rights lawyer Chase Madar discusses the case of child-soldier-turned U.S. kidnapping-torture victim Omar Khadr, lousy PR victories from convictions of cooks and a chauffeur, bogus “war crimes” charges against someone accused of throwing a grenade on a battlefield, reasons to disbelieve that the kid threw the grenade in the first place, the tortured confession, the failure of the American people to insist on the old law, why the Canadian government doesn’t want the kid back and Jay Bybee’s job as a federal judge.

MP3 here. (20:45)

Chase Madar is a civil rights lawyer from New York.

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  1. You seem to have forgotten that the self-styled Saviour of Mankind has the power and will to define the rules of war and peace. To hell with international laws and the Geneva Conventions !! T.S.

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