Scott Horton Interviews Punk Johnny Cash

Scott Horton, July 17, 2010

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“Punk Johnny Cash,” veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and blogger at the, discusses movie portrayals of the marines, how basic training changes one forever, the modern epidemics of shell shocked vets and on-base violence, the similarity of the mindset of an enlisted man and a battered wife, examples of how they humiliate and break down new recruits in order to rebuild them and whether or not the U.S. needs to take over the planet Earth in the first place.

MP3 here. (20:22)

Punk Johnny Cash is a blogger for the

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  2. Bastille Day is July 14.

  3. Punk Johnny Cash is definitely no punk. He’s a perceptive, intelligent young man.

    Brutality used to be common in USMC boot camp. Drill instructors were given wide latitude in how they trained their charges–and didn’t hesitate to use it. Harsh, punitive methods were employed as a matter of course. Sometimes, things REALLY got out of line.

    In 1956, Staff Sergeant Matt McKeon, a DI at Parris Island, drunkenly marched his platoon at night through Ribbon Creek. The tide had come in, and six recruits drowned. There was a huge national outcry. In 1976, a DI shot a recruit through the hand at Parris Island, and at Pendleton, a DI ordered his platoon to beat another recruit
    during pugil stick training (the recruit died).

    Five years ago, there was this incident:

  4. Punk johnny cash ,
    I was USMC 70-73. My spouse is a mental health worker, too Maybe we can talk?
    Your talk /insight is good, but somewhat ahistoric. We both understand the calculated mindfuc% of bootcamp. George C. Scott, Lee Marvin, Smedley Butler (Tell it to the Marines), John Stockwell, Dan Ellsberg, Gen Zinni offer much to consider.
    I have have never trusted the threatmongers in government, media,and religion since I learned John Wayne and "rambo" stallone were never in the military.
    None of my kidss or grandkids fall for this "hero" crap. (Loved the movie "Hero").

  5. For 40 years or more the Pentagon has been working to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability. By 2014/15 it will have achieved Nuclear Primacy. That will be met by a hair-trigger Launch On Warning and it may happen by mistake because of the bloody fools in the Pentagon. A clue: What kind of warhead was on MX and why did they put it on Minuteman-3 ? And what kind of warhead will be put on the new missiles in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania ? Maybe earth-penetrating warheads to minimize nuclear winter effects ?

  6. One favorite is the seven or eight Marines who died of hypothermia while the moron of a DI looked on.

    This is one of the most inexcusable and stupid incidents, since hypothermia, even in relatively warm weather, is a clear collection of symptoms that are obvious to both experienced observers externally, and also to internal self-observers but only to a certain point.

    Obviously neither the DI nor the recruits had been instructed in either.

    There is something typically "Redneck" about this type of incident–to wit, that recruit
    X, by definition usually an inexperienced dumbass, is supposed to know or learn about phenomenon y by sheer instinct or revelation, and without being instructed.

    Zhukov, generally acknowledged as by far the greatest military genius of World War II–and in truth since Napoleon–was unsparing in what he demanded of his troops, but he is also known as one who insisted on the longest, best, and most complete training of his men possible.

  7. Stop shivering and you are in BIG TROUBLE.

  8. Doesn' really matter. Doomsday is doomsday. Better get all your Monday Morning Quarterbacking done BEFORE the big game.

  9. Now if you want real fancy, try this on for size::

    Actually, it has now been established that some of these monks can actually control the temperature of selected aspects of corporeality as well.

    "Corporeality"–oh, ask the DI, no doubt he has some song and dance.

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  11. Sure thing man. You can hit me up on there is a contact page. Or on twitter @PunkJohnnyCash

  12. PJC is so right about the movie Jarhead. You wonder how anyone could get through basic training without turning completely psycho.

  13. I watched the documentry "Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click." a little while ago. It was both horrifying and the funniest thing I had ever seen at the same time.

    I'm still trying to figure out being yelled at while spit shining a toilet makes you a better soldier.

  14. Doing a job precisely and according to specificatons despite distractions is a useful skill.

    Losing seven or eight recruits to hypothermia is not a useful skill, it's incompetence–probably involuntary manslaughter.

    Maybe even second degree murder.

    Guess the USMC hasn't hired military contractors to do their dirty work yet, eh?

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  19. [...] Cash went on to talk about the Fear And Loathing In The U.S.M.C. series of articles. You can listen here. “Punk Johnny Cash,” veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and blogger at the, [...]

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