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Joseph Shansky, contributor to Counterpunch, UpsideDownWorld and Democracy Now! en Español, discusses the “invited” invasion of Costa Rica by the U.S.. Navy and Marine Corps, the drug war excuse, Costa Rica’s pacifist constitution which forbids such things, the notable lack of information about the move, the widespread disapproval of the new U.S. presence among the population, the realignment across Central and South America away from U.S. power and other reasons to anticipate a new era of attempted U.S. intervention there, the coup in Honduras last year and the human rights violations of the victors.

MP3 here. (10:33)

Joseph Shansky is a contributor to CounterPunch, UpsideDownWorld and Democracy Now! en Español.

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  1. This anonymous poster thinks the fleet are there for rest and relaxation. Which is why they need thousands of marines for what is really a coast guard type mission. It should also be noted that Costa Rice is highly dependent on the US. And has a very large number of former military living there. So I think Costa Rica might not have a choice.

    FWIW La Nacion says their supreme court (Sala IV) is reviewing the decision.

    1. Actually it all makes sense. The spill in the gulf has forced the US military to summer in Costa Rica. BTW, what is the Status of Forces agreement? Is a copy of that floating around?

      1. Quagmire in the making actually–it will unfold slowly but surely.

        Overthrowing Zelaya, who was no radical, was a blunder of the first order of magnitude.

      2. "Under Zelaya, government deficit increased to 5% of the GDP. Hundreds of thousands Hondurans lost their jobs in the global economic downturn.[] Nonetheless, there were a number of significant achievements under Zelaya's presidency. Under his government, the minimum wage was increased by 80,% school meals were guaranteed for more than 1.6 million children from poor families, free education for all children was introduced, poverty was reduced by almost 10% during two years of government, and direct state help was provided for 200,000 families in extreme poverty, with free electricity supplied to those Hondurans most in need."


        Gotdang Commonist!

  2. What I find amusing is that Dr Arias of Costa Rica has been pimping his "peace plan" to the rest of Latin America. " Mr Peace" has been telling them to lay down their arms and disband their military.
    Just like Costa Rica….BOHECA Mr Arias. Your country is now overrun with one of the most malignant forces on earth. Good luck getting rid of them when they are supposed to go home.

  3. Who invited the U.S. military to take up residence in Costa Rica? It was the newly elected president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla Miranda, who authorized the move.

    la flamante presidenta de Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla Miranda, autorizó la entrada a ese país de tradición pacifista a entre siete y trece mil marines norteamericanos y 46 barcos de la flota estadounidense.

  4. Interesting to investigate Ms Chinchilla's campaign financing. I bet a lot of money and support was funneled to her campaign by the U.S. military-industrial complex? In return, "Chinchilla" invites them in. Its a plausable scenario.

  5. P.S. I hope that no U.S. taxpayer dollars were diverted to finance Sra. Chinchilla's election in Costa Rica. Money filtered through a maze of NGO's would do the trick. However, I am just speculating as our government would not pull a stunt like that, surely.

    Good Day

  6. Bar owners, drug dealers and the local prostitutes are the only winners here. The ordinary and decent people of Costa Rica have nothing to gain and much to lose by the presence of American troops on their native soil.

  7. Prohibition of Alcohol to systematic "Drug" Prohibition to Drug Wars to World War III–the "Thou shalt not" Judaio-Christian hysterics and their "Law" at work.

    Of course, when it is convenient, and profitable, it will all be reversed, as the British forced the Chinese to buy and consume opium.

  8. At least the Neo-Cons are too obsessed with the Middle East to pay attention to Latin America, so the Latinos had eight years to loosen the chains of empire. But the realists are back in power now, and our southern neighbors better look out.

    1. First, it has been a lot more than eight years.

      Second, things have changed across the board in ways the US, from Bush to Obama, are not even prepared to guess.

      Third, there is a vast ambush in the works, which the US morons seem all to eager to rush into.

      Note one thing–neither Left, nor Center, nor even most of the Right want the US in Latin America anymore.


    2. It may take fifty years to work out, or fifteen or five, but the US empire is over. As usual it will be the Imperialists who are last to know.

      1. Without question, Costa. I believe the American Imperialist Rulers will hold onto their Empire even at the cost of Americans being reduced to pimping their daughters for food to eat.

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