Mike Gogulski


Mike Gogulski, founder of the Help Bradley Manning website, discusses “Collateral Murder” leaker Bradley Manning’s bravery and risk of an effective lifelong prison sentence, media smears and misrepresentations of Manning, the Obama administration’s record-setting whistleblower prosecutions and how you can donate to Manning’s legal defense fund.

MP3 here. (20:19)

Mike Gogulski is the founder and frequent contributor to the Help Bradley Manning website.

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  1. Bradley Manning is the Mordechai Vanunu of our times – a little guy with incredible moral courage, vitually kidnapped and held in solitary and facing life in a deep, dark cell. Ellsberg had his insider connections, lawyers, allied journalists and colleagues in 'the Agency' to help defend him from the Nixon machine. Manning, on the other hand, has no one – just like Israel's defiant 'whistle-blowing' hero, Mordechai Vanunu. Manning has exposed, once and for all, the real face of Obama's Repressive Machine. Of course we must support this guy. Every life saved, every limb preserved and every mind not driven mad because support for prolonging this war has been eroded by these disclosures, owes a debt to this giant of a kid.

  2. Back in the day, and any child of the 1980's will remember this, the old G.I. Joe cartoon PSA's about how "Knowing is half the battle" . So doesn't that make Bradley Manning aReal American Hero? Contrary to the idea promoted by mainstream media, Patriotism is not lockstep agreement with with the government.

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