Ray McGovern


Ray McGovern, former senior analyst at the CIA, discusses the supplanting of the traditional press (Fourth Estate) by borderless internet journalism (the “Fifth Estate”), the New York Times‘ “attaboy” reward from the White House for its deference to government authority, the media’s new discovery that other countries sometimes have different priorities than the U.S., the plethora of information in the Afghan War Diary that will aid Iran war boosters and why the Taliban seem to be waging a very successful insurgency.

MP3 here. (23:42)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush. His articles appear on Consortium News and Antiwar.com.

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  1. No wonder Ray McGovern is now running cover for Wikileaks. To get credibility the government now has to leak it's propoganda because the media is completely outted. Now the so caleed alternative media is being totally outted. Step forward Pcifica and Antiwar.com

    In January 2007, John Young, who runs cryptome.org, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front.

    Asian intelligence sources reportedly state that: "Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself."

    1. Oh yeah, the CIA is running an operation which leaks American war crime videos and depicts the US in the most unfavorable light to the international community. Sure, that sounds plausible.

      1. Not that I have no regard for some conspiracy theories, e.g. 911 was an inside job.

        Had to be, one way or another.

        What happened to WTC7?

        Leave all the rest out.

        Just explain why WTC7 came down into its own footprint and why that 'justified' invading Afghanistan.

        Just explain that to me.

  2. Why must Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 D5 absolutely obtain a CEP of 30 meters or less ? It´s not necessary to hit a city. THE SUICIDAL BLOODY FOOLS IN THE PENTAGON AIM TO ACHIEVE A DISARMING AND UNANSWERABLE FIRST-STRIKE CAPABILITY WHICH LEADS TO LAUNCH ON WARNING AND SUICIDE BY MISTAKE/ACCIDENT BECAUSE THE BLOODY FOOLS IN THE PENTAGON DON´T GIVE THEM TIME TO VERIFY IF IT WAS FALSE ALARM. By 2014/15 the missiles will be deployed in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. Indeed, bloody fools in the Pentagon. Please read Robert C. Aldridge: 1. The Counterforce Syndrome. 2. First Strike! The Pentagon´s Strategy for Nuclear War. 3. Nuclear Empire.

  3. As Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, asked UPI editor at large Arnaud de Borchgrave,

    Why were the documents leaked? Who does it serve? What does the timing mean? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pick up an agenda, one the MSM has missed. Wiki-Leaks got a ton of “chicken-feed” and some carefully crafted disinformation or this is what my “conspiratorial-self” is telling me.


    It is also what members of the intelligence community will tell you. Why isn’t it being reported or even being suggested? I can’t imagine why the question isn’t even mentioned? Who has that kind of power? Is everyone that stupid? Consider the last question less than rhetorical.

  4. There is nothing new in the leaks. The only thing that is new is that the war party has lost control of the 'message'. The war party seems to have broken into factions, which was how Vietnam ended imo.

    Factions in Pakistan back the Taliban, that is not new. What is new is it is now semi-official. Pakistan is not survivable as a nation, so they are trying to expand into Afghanistan, build a nuclear bomb, ect in hopes of achieving a sustainable size.

  5. Get real Little Paulie, the Wikileaks leaks consist of a load of out of date operational information of no use to anyone mixed in with the news that Osama Bin Ladin has been pack backing his dialysis machine over the Hindu Kush for the last seven years. This coupled with the information that seven skyjackers managed to pull off a controlled demolition of a three buildings that pulverised the asbestos to such a level that today 13,000 people are suffering in New York from asbestosis. Any moment Ray McGeovern is going to tell us that Al Quaeda äppointed Judge Hellerstein which is why all these dyiong people can't get their day in court.

    Get you head out of that dark place and smell the propoganda.

  6. Why does McGovern say that Pak doesn't share U.S. interests in defeating the Taliban? Why is it in U.S. interests to defeat the Taliban? Why does the U.S. give a ff about the Taliban at all?

  7. "Why does the US give a ff about the Taliban at all ?" The Trans-Afghan Pipeline. The Taliban were guests of honor with the oil-people in Texas, remember ?!

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