Muhammad Sahimi


Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Southern California, discusses the differences between the two Jundallah terrorist groups, the easily exploited tensions between Iran’s government and ethnic and religious minorities, the lack of support for Jundallah (Iran) even within the Baluchi community, the post-9/11 U.S. rejection of Iran’s cooperation that crippled the moderate government and put hardliners in charge, why the U.S. won’t tolerate an independent Middle East regional power no matter the political ideology and why a U.S. attack on Iran would be dangerous for troops in Iraq.

MP3 here. (48:07)

Dr. Muhammad Sahimi is a political columnist for Tehran Bureau. He is a professor of chemical engineering and materials science, and the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In addition to his scientific research, which has resulted in four books and nearly 300 published papers, he has been writing about Iran’s nuclear program and its internal developments for many years.

His articles have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Harvard International Review, the Progressive, and Huffington Post. Muhammad has been a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists since 1986, and a contributor to its Partners for Earth program.

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  1. Mr. Sahimi is always good to have on the show. He got much insight and knowledge and I hope you will have him on more often.

    However, when describing Khatami he said that he has not been involved in any crime or corruption. This is incorrect, he has been invloved in perhaps less crime than for example Rafsanjani but he is still a corrupt politician that uses his power to further his own needs. Just like the rest of them

    Again please have Sahimi on the show more often, he is great.

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