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Karen Kwiatkowski, columnist at LewRockwell.com and retired USAF lieutenant colonel, discusses the neocon infiltration of the formerly decent Hudson Institute, her firsthand account of how the Office of Special Plans lied us into the Iraq War, Col. David Hackworth’s pushback against OSP propaganda and why the Iraq War instigators are now directing their war cries toward Iran.

MP3 here. (20:40)

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., is a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, who spent her final years in uniform working at the Pentagon’s Near East/South Asia bureau (NESA). Her assignment was to work on policy papers for the Secretary of Defense and other top brass at the Pentagon. Shortly thereafter, she was assigned to a newly-formed bureau inside the Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans, which was created to help the Pentagon deal with issues in Iraq.

Deeply frustrated and alarmed, Kwiatkowski, still on active duty, took the unusual step of penning an anonymous column of internal Pentagon dissent that was posted on the Internet by former Colonel David Hackworth, America’s most decorated veteran. She lives with her freedom-loving family in the Shenandoah Valley, and among other things, writes for lewrockwell.com.

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  1. Good to hear from Colonel Kwiatkowski again. She’s an important source regarding the warmongering machinations of the Pentagon neocons.

    Listen to her, read her writings, and learn.

  2. I do not understand the needs, the rationales, the motivations, behind the lying. Why is it necessary? I cannot stop any act Uncle Sam determines to execute. Not only can I not stop Sam, but He coerces my compliance through taxations and such.

    I do not "see" how Sam can be stopped; He seems determined to pull down the temple upon all.

  3. I'm prerplexed. Why does Horton keep calling her Karen "Katowski"?

    It's Kwi-a-tow-ski. Not really difficult to pronounce – unless you're a total fucking moron who never learned phonics, of course.

    1. David: before you go dropping F-bombs and criticizing someone who mispelled a word you better make dam sure that your are not guilty of the same error or you'll look like the ignoramus that it appears you are.
      It's PER-PLEXED idiot….not prerplexed. Too bad we're not in Singapore. I understand that caning is a wonder tool to encourage correct spelling.

    2. David Christie's larger point shouldn't be missed. Scott Horton has a difficuly time (or pretends to have a difficult time) with "foreign-sounding" names. If I'm not mistaken, Scott has already been taken to task on this issue. For someone who covers international affairs, mastering these "foreign" names should be an absolute prerequisite.

    3. When I married into my family — they told me to say it Ka-tow-ski and so I have done for 28 years. Scot has it right! Now, I am not claiming to know phonics, but I hope we are good?

  4. I could barely find Iraq on a map when W et al started propagandising the Iraq invasion, so I read quite a bit of both the pro & con. Didn't take long to figure out how bogus the pro case was: yellowcake from Niger, al-Libi;s (recanted) connection between SH & OBL, aluminum tubes, Curveball. Thin gruel.

  5. We are living in the United States of AMNESIA whenever the Middle East is an issue. Is there any sensible reason for Iran to expend the vast amount of money to create a nuclear weapons arsenal? However, they having experienced their democratic government being overthrown in 1953 by the CIA to restore the lucrative monopoly BP held over their oild reserves certainly makes them fearful of more of the same. How many nations have been subjected to the fear of being nuked by the U.S. and Israel as has Iran. I find it amusing to read some Muslims claiming petrol under their lands is a belated gift from Allah when the truth is more similar to an albatross around its neck and being vulnerable to more attacks from the U.S. steve WW2

    1. "Is there any sensible reason for Iran to expend the vast amount of money to create a nuclear weapons arsenal?"

      I can think of a two reasons. Tel Aviv. Washington D.C.

      Oh wait, sorry that's one reason.

      With Steve B. we see one of the bottom-feeders at work, thinking it's thinking but really just excreting the shit it's been eating.

  6. When Karen Kwiatkowski is shown on a documentary for PBS about the Iraq war she instantly gives the story crediblity. Her backround and dedication to service and country makes her one of the most respected patriots. She reminds me of the old E.F. Hutton commercials, “When Karen Kwiatkowski talks, you’de better listen”.

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