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Truthout contributor Mike Ludwig discusses the U.S. military’s missed opportunity to minimize the health risks from depleted uranium munitions, the Department of Defense’s policy of “don’t look, don’t find” regarding a link between DU and Gulf War Veterans Illness, the 40-year late Congressional action on Agent Orange related illnesses and why the health and safety of enlisted troops is a secondary concern to the generals in charge.

MP3 here. (20:40)

Mike Ludwig writes for Truthout.org.

5 thoughts on “Mike Ludwig”

  1. Lets be honest here. The bottom line is what sort of lunatics use radioactive material for munitions? Answer: The U.S. military! (ding ding ding ding….)

    1. It is not radioactive until it is fired.

      Let that be a consulation to all the US troops, all the Serbians, and all the Iraqis ailing from low-level radiation from US munitions.

      Incidentally the economics of it all are a Capitalist's dream–the manufacturers are paid to take it as "waste" and then turn it into projectiles which they sell back to the military at a big premium.

  2. Hey, having to pay for treatment sounds like a good occasion to kickstart the economy. Why not admit everything, then ship million-strong cleanup crews to Yougoslavia, Iraq, Lebanon and then Vietnam and Cambodia? Even the liberventionists and leftist Rooseveltian moneyprinters can't be not ok with *that*. Come to think of it, there probably are many factories and thousands of groundwater deposits to launder in the good old USA, too.

    What about it, congresscritters and Obama?

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