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Matt Kennard, author of the article “Neo-Nazis are in the Army now,” discusses the relaxed recruiting safeguards that allow neo-Nazis and gang members to join the U.S. military, how the desensitization training of soldiers – through dehumanizing their enemies – breeds bigotry, problems arising from combat-hardened veterans returning to their civilian criminal lives and why the legions of mercenaries have even larger problems brewing in them.

MP3 here. (18:38)

Matt Kennard graduated from the Journalism School at Columbia University as a Toni Stabile Investigative scholar in 2008. He now works for the Financial Times in London. He has written for the Guardian, Salon, The Comment Factory and the Chicago Tribune, amongst others. In 2006 he won the Guardian Student Feature Writer of the Year Award.

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  1. These folks have a funny way of promoting affirmative action for whites.

    It really needs to be remembered that the army is a place for people who want to kill other people with the sanction, blessing, and money of the taxpayer. Why the Army should reject racists is beyond me. It is we who should reject the Army.


        1. They were sent to crush Germany, the liberation of Buchenwald was purely incidental. The US could have made a deal with Admiral Canaris and other members of the German resistance and probably ended the war in 1943. FDR rejected overtures from Canaris and opted instead for what seemed to the Germans like a war of annihilation against the German nation with the policies of Unconditional Surrender and the Morgenthau Plan, thereby stiffening German resistance causing many more millions to die.

  2. Some fundamental Christian sectarians, like Falwell's "Liberty University" (his group did not change the name when they bought the place) are openly encouraging their graduates to enter OCS and develop "Christian" cadres in the US officer corps of various service branches, including the USMC.

    1. It runs deeper than that. What we have in this country is the "melding" of nationalism and religion. Some would call this patriotism but I would not. Long ago it was said that when fascism came to America it would be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. I find it disturbing that ceremonies are carried out in houses of worship with flags and uniforms being pimped before what many would call the Prince of Peace. This is not a new phenomena and I've witnessed it first hand over many years but try to point this out to the "true believers" and you're given an odd expression. Other organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Assoc. HSLDA which works to keep educrats off the backs of tax robbed parents, has endorsed war mongering Huckabee in the past and likes to post about which students have enlisted in the military, which is just another tentacle of the very Leviathan they purport to defend you from! The hypocrisy is mind numbing.

      1. It is nothing new. Read some of the contemporary sources pertaining to the US war in the Philippines–jingos waving the dried genitals of Filipino men and women before applauding "Christian" congregations at Sunday-go-to-meeting.

        It took a lot to disgust Mark Twain, and he was more than disgusted.

        His "War Prayer" is fiction only in being hyper-true.

        1. The War Prayer should be required reading. Sadly I've pointed this very tidbit of Twain to friends who've read it and nodded their heads in the affirmative. It's not a pleasant read but hits the mark squarely on the head. Of course one must have ears to hear and eyes to see in order to understand and take it to heart.

  3. Zionists (not Christians) are what the US is full of at the moment. Christian impostors.

    Zionists do not observe the "Thalt shall not kill" line in the bible.

  4. Shocked shocked that there are youth gangs and nazis in America.

    The unpleasant issue of the anti Semite belief that wars are fought for the benefit of Jews was not discussed. Perhaps when Mr Kennard interviews a neo nazi he should ask their opinion. I am curious how they

    Mr Kennard also seems to rely in part on anonymous message board posters, who may or may not be real US military.

    Would a conscript army put together during the heyday of the KKK would have been less 'extremist' than today. Vietnam is another story with actual race riots on Aircraft carriers. So who was volunteering for the tough missions in WWII and Vietnam? Probably the same guys.

    FWIW the only anti war party in Britain the BNP has a former 'fancy dress' nazi as an MEP. MEP Brons seems reasonable enough, so maybe people can change.

  5. From what I gather neo-Nazis think that USGOV is a tool of Zionism that fights its wars for the benefit of Israel. Why would such people join the US Army?

    In any case USGOV is far more evil than any street gang- regardless of ethnic persuasion.

  6. The comments above are correct on Christian Zionism. The Christian Zionists -who take all their ideological cues (beyond the narrowly theological) from AIPAC and the Israel First neocon intellectuals
    are a far greater cancer than some ragtag bands of street criminals.

  7. There was an article in the 1990's in the now-defunct Covert Action Quarterly about white supremacists in the U.S. military. This article discussed the murder of a looter some of these racists caught in Somalia. Some Canadians were involved in the murder and it was an issue in Canada.

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