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Glen Ford, founder of Black Agenda Report, discusses the obstacles to a Left-Right antiwar coalition, why pro-peace conservatives remain a marginal faction, irreconcilable differences between black America and the racist elements of the tea party right and how Obama destroyed the Left’s ability to dissent against government misdeeds.

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In the fall of 2006, Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley and Leutisha Stills of CBC Monitor left Black Commentator, which Ford had co-founded and edited since 2002, and launched Black Agenda Report.

Glen Ford worked as a newsperson at four local stations: in Columbus, Georgia, Atlanta, Baltimore – where he created his first radio syndication, a half-hour weekly news magazine called “Black World Report” – and Washington, DC. In 1974, Ford joined the Mutual Black Network (88 stations), where he served as Capitol Hill, State Department and White House correspondent, and Washington Bureau Chief, while also producing a daily radio commentary. In 1977, Ford co-launched, produced and hosted “America’s Black Forum” (ABF), the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television.

Ford co-founded (BC) in 2002. The weekly journal quickly became the most influential Black political site on the Net. In October, 2006, Ford and the entire writing team left BC to launch (BAR).

In addition to his broadcast and Internet experience, Glen Ford was national political columnist for Encore American & Worldwide News magazine; founded The Black Commentator and Africana Policies magazines; authored The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion (IOJ, 1985); voiced over 1000 radio commercials (half of which he also produced) and scores of television commercials; and served as reporter and editor for three newspapers (two daily, one weekly).

Ford was a founding member of the Washington chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ); executive board member of the National Alliance of Third World Journalists (NATWJ); media specialist for the National Minority Purchasing Council; and has spoken at scores of colleges and universities.

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  1. (cont'd) You could suggest to a peacenik that Kurds should have had their own country rather than being a kick around minority dispersed in three countries, and they might find a Pashtun desire for unity (as Eric Margolis has mentioned) understandable…but it'd be disturbing for them to hear that the NOI ever wanted it's own state –'that's just like them,' (s)he might think, 'isn't Mr. Farakhan antisemitic or something?' 'And didn't they consort with…?' One question is: is the 'bigoted nationalist' image of that pair of orgs more of a cause or a result of their interest in ethnic independence? It seems you can't even ask this in the states, since the image itself is so entrenched; but there's an obvious motive for asking: If 'the Taliban' are largely Pashtun, is a similar principle operating in the US treatment of Afghanistan? Their image here is also pretty crappy (though it's none of our business), and the Feds assasinate their leaders, do they not? Strangely, the Pashtuns also want unity and independence -does that happen to correspond well with what the Feds can't stand?

  2. Wow, it's a good thing I recently read Mises' refutation of class polylogism in "Human Action", otherwise, I'd be tempted to believe in it after listening to this guy. Maybe "black people" really do have a completely foreign set of logical rules and it is impossible for people of different skin colors to understand each other…

    Nah… this guy is simply a racist and illogical. Oh wait, I thought "blacks" can't be racists cuz their the minority. That's true "blacks" can't be anything, because "blacks" don't exist. This individual, Glen Ford, who happens to have black skin, is most definitely a racist as he identifies himself as part of a monolithic group identity ("blacks"), and assumes conclusions not only for that entire group, but also for those who he dislikes, "whites". He does not correctly see people as individuals and demonstrates he is a collectivist-racist in every thought he expressed in the interview.

    To the contrary of his assertion, anyone who DOES support the civil rights act is a racist. You don't correct injustice against innocent people by collectively punishing a different group of innocent people. That's collectivism at its worst, and racism in this specific scenario since the collectives in play have to do with "race".

    Though I applaud your constant effort toward the "realignment" Scott, I think you probably realize this interview was a waste of time. What value does a racist windbag like this guy add to any positive movement?

  3. Unbelievable. I am continually amazed at the way ignorant black racists like Mr. Ford seem to believe that white racism is THE ONLY issue in today's politics. Scott tries to kick off a discussion about war and empire, on a show called "Antiwar Radio," and the guest immediately launches into his stump speech on Evil White Folks. Does he really think that's how we're going to move past our racist history? By putting racial division front and center in every discussion about any subject? Good luck with that, Glen. Good fucking luck.

  4. Since most blacks are leftists, they don't understand economics. They presume that most problems are caused by discrimination under a regime of "free enterprise". In fact, there is little effective discrimination under free enterprise without the helping hand of the state (Jim Crow?).

    Further, it was our western elites who had the wisdom and foresight to inflict democratic socialism upon the former European colonies in Africa which meant the invariable lack of property rights, unlimited funny money and complete government control over every aspect of life, I mean, the economy. And, because everyone always votes for their own ethnic group under democratic socialism, with the winning ethnic group "owning" the entire economy, Africa has been bequeathed perpetual ethnic slaughter. And socialism being socialism, they have been bequeathed perpetual poverty.

    If leftists don't hate poor people and expressly want them to suffer Africa's fate, they are certainly callous about the results of their beloved policies.

    1. So u say blacks "don`t understand economics" because most of them are leftists. I wonder where the racism is coming from?

  5. When the US government makes it illegal for someone to boycott Israel, as they have, what then? And that is what I believe is the point that Paul was illustrating in his opposition to the CRA, and it's a point that needs to be made.

    Personally the Declaration of Independence says enough for me about civil rights.

    Ford? eh, I like him enough but IMO he's mired in left/right bogus bull.

  6. I think Pat Buchanan is maybe a bridge too far for a lot of people, which is unfair, but there it is. I don't think he's racist; he's too religious and too intelligent to be racist, in my opinion, but people just don't like him. Probably this guy thinks he is racist because he's not loudly NON racist and that makes you suspicious in some people's eyes.

  7. No, the interview wasn't puppies and kittens but the Black Agenda Report has a great deal to recommend it. Though after witnessing mass murder enthusiast Laura Schlessinger racialist rant, Debbie Sclussel's homophobic spew and Commentary's obsession with affirmative action, I'm certain the vast majority of bigotry isn't coming from the antiwar right.

  8. Ford calling Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul racists is a case, as Archie Bunker said, of the black calling the pot a kettle.

    1. Ford was not an admirer of Hitler like Buchanan. Ron Paul thinks it is ok for restaurants not to serve black people because it is private property.

      1. Yeah, but you can't call it racist. Because that word just drives the racists crazy.

        Look: white power in America is an obvious problem. That's what Sarah Palin and the kooky hordes are all about. They think whites as a corporate body OWN america. They think the Indians, blacks, women, the poor — everyone but them is a "parasite" while they "worked" for everything they inherited. They think they "earned" their bank loans, GI Bill, free schools and so on. And then they want to stop any discussion of the plain and obvious fact that we live in a social world. If we bring democracy to our social life, the white racist thinks that is Joseph Stalin sending them to the gulag. Well, whatever. That stuff is played out.

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