Mike Gogulski


Mike Gogulski, founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, discusses the progress being made on fundraising for Manning’s legal defense, another below-the-belt hit piece from the New York Times, the help of partner site Courage to Resist and Manning’s knowledge and appreciation of his support network.

MP3 here. (19:17)

Mike Gogulski is the founder and a frequent contributor to the BradleyManning.org website.

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  1. "Suicide Watch" serves at least a couple of purposes. First, it adopts and adds to the smear campaign currently being waged by america's media whores by making Mr. Manning appear mentally unstable. It should be noted that this smear campaign could immediately be halted by the u.s. government with a simple statement declaring that Mr. Manning is of sound mind and mentally fit. This would be expected, since Mr. Manning was obviously screened many times during his military service in order to be allowed access to the sensitive information the government is claiming he mishandled. However, the government allows the media to destroy Mr. Manning knowing full well that the average american is too ignorant to consider the contradistinction of such assertions and positions. The government is safe. Nobody in america is going to ask the key question.

    As an aside; the media's accusations of homosexuality as a putative reason for Mr. Manning's alleged misconduct, moral failings, and untrustworthiness should be cause for homosexual rights groups in america to take issue with the government and its media. These groups are normally very vocal and easily set off by such characterisations. Such is not the case in this instance. Even though the media's characterisation equates to: 'homosexuals are unstable, unreliable, and cannot be trusted', not a peep is uttered. The ensuing silence could be because everyone recognises that the government's media is once again simply being used as a political tool for crucifying people.

    Next, there is the possibility that Mr. Manning might be found dead in his cell from an "apparent suicide". As long as it appears that Mr. Manning's defense will fail, he's probably in no danger. However, if it appears that Mr. manning might actually be successful in defending against the charges leveled against him – especially if some international organisations are drawn into the fray, …. Well, we all know that when the american regime (any american regime, be it republican or democrat) feels desperate – or especially vengeful, "all options are on the table".

    Despite the u.s. government's current non-position on Mr. Manning's mental stability and moral character, rest assured; the u.s. government will not tolerate a defense based on any such incapacity. If such a defense were attempted, the government's doctors (ghouls, really) and the government's judge (a huge rubber stamp dressed as a penguin (I bet that handle hurts like hell)) would immediately declare Mr. Manning mentally fit to stand trial. Double and triple standards abound in american politics and their putative 'justice' system. That's just the way it is when tyrants rule.

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