David Bromwich


David Bromwich, professor of literature at Yale University, discusses the American style of sleepwalking from one war to another, The Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg‘s effective role as public relations frontman for Israel, the ill-defined and loosely applied terms “existential threat” and “breakout capability,” Hillary Clinton’s inadvertent admission of how tenuous are U.S. claims on Iran’s nuclear threat, the fallacy of a limited war with Iran, how the simultaneous counterterrorism and counterinsurgency strategies in Afghanistan work in opposition to each other and why a full scale U.S. war with Iran (since a ground invasion is unthinkable) would involve nuclear weapons.

MP3 here. (28:54)

David Bromwich teaches literature at Yale. He has written on politics and culture for Huffington Post, The New Republic, The Nation, The New York Review of Books, and other magazines. He is editor of Edmund Burke’s selected writings On Empire, Liberty, and Reform and co-editor of the Yale University Press edition of On Liberty.

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  1. When all else fails, start a war… The USG did this and used it as an excuse to confiscate American's private Gold holdings back in 1933. http://www.the-privateer.com/1933-gold-confiscati

    Presumably under the guise of " national security" to keep the Gold "safe".. The USG has stonewalled an audit of Fort Knox for the past 60 years… Figure it out, you are being gamed from both ends.

    "Send us your money and we will tell you how badly you're being reamed…"

  2. "The people have lost the confidence of the government; the government has decided to dissolve the people, and to appoint another one."

    Bertolt Brecht

  3. it is so bizarre that americans and american politicians and military reps must fear that Israel will pull them into war.

    Israel got america on a leash it seems here. Why else would the mighty USA be afraid of what little tiny Israel would think or do?

  4. It is strange that we learn nothing from history, not even our recent history, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq. It is as though each day the slate is wipped clean, our memory deleted and filled with rehashed events presented as the present and we continue blindly on our suicidal path as though Athens and Rome had never existed.

  5. Keep things simple.
    IF there was NO OIL in Iran, would the U.S. & Israel be quibbling about nuclear weapon possession down-the-road in Iran?
    An excuse is obviously needed and that's the best the thieves can come up with.
    Same applies to Iraq.

    1. "I have to almost wonder why the Anglo-American oil co.'s WANT to get back into the area after it's been so poisoned by our depleted uranium and such.."

      The boots on the ground will be ordinary people like you and me, the execs will be in their luxurious offices back home. Most people arent fazed by war or DU poisoning unless its their own legs thats going to be blown apart. Sad state of affairs.

  6. Beg to differ on O. He's always been a corporatist. No one who isn't would be allowed in the oval office. Read Paul Street's book on O.

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