David Culp


David Culp, Legislative Representative for the Friends Committee on National Legislation – Quaker Nuclear Disarmament Program, discusses the START Treaty’s origin in the Reagan administration, how Senate Republicans and the Heritage Foundation are delaying the latest iteration of START to deprive Obama of a legislative success, the military’s preference for conventional rather than nuclear weapons and why the U.S. and Russian arsenals of 2200 deployed missiles each could be greatly reduced and provide the same deterrence.

MP3 here. (20:56)

David Culp is the Legislative Representative for FCNL’s Quaker Nuclear Disarmament Program.

David has 15 years experience on nuclear arms control and disarmament legislation. He was instrumental in the passage of the nuclear testing moratorium in 1992; the ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997; and the defeat of a new nuclear warhead, or nuclear “bunker buster” in 2004. Previously he was a lobbyist at the Indiana legislature for a statewide citizens group, successfully opposing two nuclear power plants. He is one of six registered lobbyists on nuclear disarmament on Capitol Hill.

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