Zack Mellette


Zack Mellette, cofounder of Give Us Names, discusses his organization’s short films that showcase the plight of displaced Colombian farmers, the U.S. creation of multi-billion dollar Plan Colombia in 1998 to continue the failed supply-side War on Drugs, the devastating effect of aerial fumigation on food crops (and lesser effect on the targeted coca plants), the economic incentives for Colombians to grow coca instead of food and the heavily-armed paramilitary groups that seize land and kill resisting farmers.

MP3 here. (18:50)

Zack Mellette is cofounder of Give Us Names, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization seeking to improve the lives of displaced Colombians.

4 thoughts on “Zack Mellette”

  1. What Scott said about the Iranians is so true. When you see real Iranians, even in a movie, you realize they are real people much like us, and the idea of bombing Iran becomes horrifying and must be stopped.

  2. THe US fascist-corporatists must dehumanise their enemies in orto facilitate public acceptance of genocide and war crimes;look at the way vietnames,koreans and russians have been portrayed in hollywood propoganda movies in the past

  3. Don't they have a Columbian equivalent of the stinger (shoulder-fired) missile? Why aren't the farmers (or even the ARMED left/right wing extremist groups controlling some of the farmers) fighting back against the fumigation? Shoot down those agent orange-spewing CIA planes!

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