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Jon Basil Utley, director of Americans Against World Empire, discusses the “national defense” exception from popular outrage against government waste, conservatives who think government isn’t competent to run a nursery school but is up to running a world empire, why warfare and welfare go hand in hand, the coming VAT that will aid in prolonging the U.S. empire and why the conservative movement is all out of good ideas.

MP3 here. (29:16)

Jon Basil Utley is associate publisher of The American Conservative. He was a foreign correspondent in South America for the Journal of Commerce and Knight Ridder newspapers and former associate editor of The Times of the Americas. He is a writer and adviser for and edits a blog, The Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Jon also runs the and websites.

6 thoughts on “Jon Basil Utley”

  1. John Basil Utley has it right.

    The military welfare complex–i.e., contractors and lobbyists–controls the Pentagon. "Defense" spending is a source of colossal waste and mismanagement, and the American sheeple should realize that.

    "Conservatism" today means a mindless love of the military and warmongering.

  2. Overheard a business traveler saying that he a "Glenn Becker" but that even he has to " turn him off sometimes..bc he's kinda over-the-top"….Wasn't in the mood to..but I should've asked him what, exactly, does he like about him? Beck supported Bush's 2 Trillion unnecessary, unprovoked, illegal and counter-productive ( by any real measure ) invasion of Iraq…so how is he a voice for fiscal conservativism? Not to mention that he vigorously lies about what happened on 9-11…( casual lieing is NOT telling the truth when you have an obligation to..) Strenuous, vigorous lieing is what you call it when you actively disseminate untruth…If you can't tell the truth? Then just say something innocuous like.." Well, no matter what you think about what happened on 9-11.."

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