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Will Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the loss of “local” police to a homogeneous federally-funded force designed to fight the war on drugs, how police departments facing budget cuts use asset forfeiture laws to make up the difference, the dramatic change of police portrayals in movies (and the culture’s acceptance of lawbreaking cops at large) following The French Connection and Dirty Harry, how the “Mosque at Ground Zero” exposed conservatives’ opposition to private property rights and how television’s idea of a balanced look at the criminal justice system means getting the story of cops and prosecutors.

MP3 here. (20:27)

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate, hosts the Pro Libertate Radio show on the Liberty News Radio Network and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. Whenever there's a horrific crime the DA and police dept are under enormous pressure to "put a face" on this crime and get a guilty verdict..After the most likely person is apprehended and the charge is made it becomes a war to prove their case..rules are broken and the truth is stretched…people who are merely soiled are made to look guilty and law enforcement needs that verdict to maintain their credibility..

  2. Will Grigg is brilliant, as usual. Regarding his point about how the "War on Terror" is used as an excuse to postpone the dismantling of big government, I'm reminded of Bill Buckley's claim that putting up with big government was a "necessary evil", in order to win the Cold War. Now, 50 years later, it's just a slightly different verse of the same tired old song, with the Muslims replacing the Communists as the Big Bad Bogeymen who must be defeated, even at the cost of the freedoms that we are supposedly fighting to protect.

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