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Chris Floyd, author of Empire Burlesque – High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium, discusses the addition of neocon Frederick Kagan to the U.S. anti-corruption team in Afghanistan, the minimal proof needed to convince the MSM that the “surge” in Iraq or Afghanistan worked, the opportunity to really win hearts and minds by helping Pakistani flood victims (just kindly overlook those drone strikes in the north) and how a Democratic wartime president ends any meaningful opposition.

MP3 here. (30:42)

Chris Floyd operates a website and blog at He is the author of Empire Burlesque – High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium.

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  1. I laughed at Horton's denigration of Fred Kagan. Kagan's a physically unfit slob of a neocon. Like his fellow chickenhawks, though, he'll fight to the last drop of YOUR blood. Piss on him.

    The colossal irony of sending humanitarian aid to Pakistan, while killing innocent Pakistanis in those drone strikes! The U.S. Government really has its shit together, now, doesn't it?!

  2. Toddlers think that if the spoon is dropped over the edge of the high chair, it ceases to exist, because they can't see it anymore. Ditto adults in the U.S. owing to the PTB dumbing down of the proles thru media degradation. So there is no oil in the Gulf, the surge worked, Afghanistan is being turned around.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that the 'Islamist' groups use soft power to achieve their goals. It's one of my favorite points.

  4. It wasn't necessarily 'luck' that brought us a 'second Pearl Harbor', but I wouldn't expect a pseudointellectual like Floyd to recognize that.

    And it's perfectly obvious at this point that Obama has pivoted decisively towards war with Iran, and it's clear that the reported hiring of Kagan is perfectly in sync with that, with the process we've already seen where the Obama Regime pushes blame for what's wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq towards Iran, simultaneously making excuses for its failures, while building its bogus case for the next war based on lies … but yeah, I recognize that it's too much to expect a great 'intellectual' like Floyd to be able to think ahead that far, or to use enough critical judgement to figure any of that out. Nope, it's important for 'illustrious intellectuals' to stay well behind the curve, commenting vociferously ON WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

    And so it's not surprising to hear Floyd's facile reassurance that the US High Command could never get away with the nakedly massive and brutal tactics they used in Vietnam. Of course, it's perfectly obvious that once the war with Iran starts, all restraints will be cast aside throughout what we so euphemistically call the 'theater'. We'll see tactics of massive violence throughout the Bloody Arc from Somalia to Iran.

    You say it's not dark yet, Floyd? My God, how dark do you want it to be before you say 'it's hellishly dark'? Ah yes, I get it. The 'intellectual' must always wait until it is far too late for portentious 'intellectual' pronouncements to do any good.

    1. Oh, and I have to say that I find Horton's belief that Obama would never start a war with Russia very charming and sweet. Of course, to say something like that, Horton has to ignore the renewed buildup in Georgia (including a possible US base there), the relentless buildups around Russia and China, and the current intense game of Chicken Obama is currently playing in the waters off China (I'm sure you'll recognize that a war with China is at least as foolish as a war with Russia), and so forth. But not to worry, as long as we have childlike FAITH in the Myth of Obama the Secret Peacemaker, everyday will be like Christmas…

      if there is a difference between Bush and Obama, it's that Obama is far more ambitious than Bush, but also far smarter about 'preparing the battlefield'. Obama is quite brilliant at breaking down opposing alliances, bleeding 'enemies' selected for destruction, etc..

      1. And "bleeding" the rest of us. I have to agree that you'll find intellectuals out there who are consistently a day late and a dollar short when it comes to this game. They're great Monday morning quarterbacks, after the fact, but refuse to openly call it as it is when it is. Are they that gutless? Oh, by the way, where did those American ships and Israeli subs go that passed through the Suez recently? And Georgia is yet another example of collective amnesia on the part of our "propaganda ministries" AKA the mainstream media. So much more hell is about to be unleashed.

      2. What are you talking about? Observing that John McCain is a mad man and a dumb ass to boot is to joint the cult of Barack Obama? Two party system work on you much?

        I happen to think that Gareth and many others are right that the military and president don't want war with Iran. That doesn't mean they'd never do it. And it doesn't mean I love them either.

        Anyone who has read Floyd's blog know that your criticisms of him are baseless as well.

  5. I just saw this. En-fucking-croyable. Fat Freddy Krueger Kagan. Surge Protector Petraeus brought over that shitheel Max Boot to boot. Wonder why the Lobby waited so long in ordering Emanual to order Petreaus to hire a couple properly credentialed neocons to help spend billions of greenbacks to buy peace from the locals for a few months.

  6. prez i dents since the jfk hit have been clients…not necessarily enthusiastic about their status, but clients. watch the birdie, kiddies!

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