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Charles Featherstone, regular writer at, discusses his article “The Littlest Liberal Warmonger,” why Saudi Arabia isn’t nearly as repressed and despotic as most people think, how the mosque protests are as much about despair over failing wars as a Republican election year ploy to rally the base, why al Qaeda’s social agenda and use of violence is exceedingly unpopular in the Muslim world and author Frantz Fanon‘s definitive 1961 work on how violent resistance can defeat Western colonialism/imperialism.

MP3 here. (20:55)

Charles H. Featherstone is a seminarian, essayist and songwriter currently living in Chicago. He writes regularly for

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  1. do women have the right to be waterboarded in saudi arabia? what if a feminist terrorist cell was threatening to blow up the oil fields there? inspiration taken from the expendables. Giselle Itié was waterboarded in the expendables, which made the extendables go apeshit.

  2. The attempt to do overseas what cannot be accomplished at home.

    Speaking of 13-year olds, whatever happened to that boy-political-prodigy who had his 15 minutes of fame at some forum, like the conservatives' annual convention? (Details lost to memory.)

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