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Haroon Siddiqui, editorial writer for the Toronto Star, discusses Canada’s military role in Afghanistan that is due to end in 2011, why ending foreign wars will stop domestic terrorism, how the U.S. has lost the capacity to do good, the bogus argument of “we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here,” and why the Afghanistan War is a failure by any measure yet continues unabated.

MP3 here. (20:30)

Haroon Siddiqui is the author of Being Muslim. He has worked for Canadian newspapers in various positions since 1968 and currently writes editorials for the Toronto Star.

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  1. You're a wise man, Mr. Siddiqui. Keep doing your best to educate Canadians on the evils of imperialism and warmongering, will you?

  2. Siddiqui is right but no one in the West is listening as their leaders falsely assuming the Iraq war was a success, now entertain grandiose plans to invade Iran to capture its oil fields and territories.

  3. The best way for Canada to stop "domestic" terrorism would be to end the disastrous immigration policies Canada has adopted since 1967. That having been said Canada would be wise to change its foreign policy, withdraw from NATO, quit Afghanistan, and stop blindly following America's lead.

  4. Nice to see Canadian content, but that guy was a typical example of the sad state of modern liberalism. He bent over backwards to state his belief in the mainstream party line on each issue and repeatedly disavowed any ideology – even liberalism.

    His major antiwar critique was that government propaganda on Afghanistan doesn't match reality. That's because it's propaganda! His other points on the suffering of Afghanis & domestic terrorism are easily defeated by the neo-con shriek of "it would be even worse without our invasions."

    The Toronto Star is one of the few nominally liberal newspapers left in North America and I want it to survive. But if wilful naiveté is the best they can offer, they are in trouble.


      1. It's left by North American standards, but it is far from radically so. I still see lotsa pro-judeofascist garbage on the ed. and op. ed. pages.

  5. Mr. Siddiqui is a Voice of Reason in new Canada that according to many has returned to its true tradition of racism, bigotry and aggressive militarism.

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