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Aaron Glantz, author of The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle against America’s Veterans, discusses the U.S. media’s eager participation in selling the Iraq War and hyping Colin Powell’s infamous U.N. presentation, how Obama made good on troop reductions but is too quick to claim credit for the war’s end, increased funding for the VA that has improved care somewhat, the betrayal of soldiers who have killed and died for a war based on lies and how service dogs are used to reduce the epidemic of suicides among veterans.

MP3 here. (20:13)

Aaron Glantz is an independent journalist who specializes on the impact of war on those who have experienced it directly: soldiers and civilians, aid workers and journalists. Aaron reported extensively from inside Iraq from 2003 to 2005 and has been covering veterans’ issues since his return to the United States.

Aaron’s work has appeared in The Nation, The Progressive, San Francisco Chronicle, The American Prospect, Forbes, Inter Press Service, Alternet and on Democracy Now! and Yahoo! News.  He is a Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Journalism Fellow at the Carter Center and a  Fellow at the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Columbia University Teachers College.

In addition to The War Comes Home, he is author of the San Francisco Chronicle best-seller, How America Lost Iraq, and co-author of Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  1. If you join on those assumptions, life might be dificult. I joined and did 27 months in Iraq knowing full well it was a lie and understood that my life might end.. We were so civil, that the first truck full of newly freed Iraqis (wrongfully arrested during the "surge" ) started laughing, joking and saying good bye to us as we sent them to be released.

    My only point is that if we get enough decent, antiwar, anti killing Americans to join the ranks, a lot of the sick things were hear from war zones might cease. Not that I encourage young people to join, but antiwar activists will do some good in the officer ranks.

  2. Why don't you do a show on why Obama is behaving the way he is – is it Rahm Emanuel pushing him, or is he making decisions by a show of hands – who's making the decisions? Is he so diffident that he thinks he has to be collegial about it, so the decisions are averaged out and so nothing happens much..? Because he obviously knows it's stupid, lost and corrupt so why does it continue.

    I suppose he's just afraid the post withdrawal mayhem would make him look bad.

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