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Anthony Gregory, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, discusses his article “The Persistence of Red-State Fascism” that recalls Lew Rockwell’s 2004 groundbreaking original, how 9/11 removed the last vestiges of libertarian anti-statism from the Republican Party, why the Left should be as obsessive about the entire Bill of Rights as conservatives are about the 2nd Amendment and how war is the state power most diametrically opposed to libertarianism.

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Anthony Gregory is a research analyst at the Independent Institute, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, moderator of the Beacon, policy adviser to the Future of Freedom Foundation and columnist for He guest edits Strike the Root. His writing has appeared in such places as the Christian Science Monitor San Diego Union Tribune,, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Counterpunch, the American Conservative, Liberty Magazine, the Mises Institute blog, the Stress Blog, The Libertarian Enterprise and Liberty and Power, as well as in textbooks, journals and other outlets, and has been translated in several languages.

He wrote for Michael Badnarik’s 2004 campaign. He got his B.A. in history at UC Berkeley in 2003, where he wrote his thesis on the 1993 Waco disaster. He sings and plays in a rock band, the Melatones, and is an Eagle Scout. He gives talks frequently and is now writing an Independent Institute book on habeas corpus, detention policy and individual liberty.

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  1. Anthony Gregory is a principled man, and I respect him for it.

    Here’s the bottom line: The U.S. Government is broken. It’s lawless at home and abroad. Hell, maybe it’s beyond redemption. We have one political party, the DemoPublican Party. It has two wings–‘Democrat” and “Republican”–but that doesn’t mean shit. It’s statist and destructive of freedom.

  2. Orville H. Larson has stated the case eloquently. George Washington hated the idea of political parties and said so in his farewell address.
    Although I don't think there's a chance to redeem the Republic, It's good to see that a young person, seven years out of college, has a libertarian view and can articulate it.

  3. And when an attempted mass exodus from the American police state comes to pass (not long after another mass casualty attack on The Homeland, I would suppose), no one is going to let us in. Keep your hordes of lily-white Haitians, they'll say. You made you bed and it turned out to be The Rack — now lie there and keep quiet. Gingrich is running hard for American Fuhrer and who knows? Perhaps he's getting the timing about right.

  4. Scott, there are loads of privately owned guns in the USA, but the only thing gun idolators use them for is to shoot their girl-friends or co-workers. In a real fight, it's training and discipline that win, not numbers.

  5. Progressives have NOT sold out, nor do they like "HCR" which is a sellout to PhRMA & insurance corps (see any post on those subjects on

    Ds, OTOH, are in the veal pen now that O is in power. Like dailykos, the great orange dragon.

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