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Will Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the consequence of successfully resisting law enforcement: escalation of state violence until you are destroyed, cop priorities that place self preservation far ahead of “protect and serve,” the double standards of when a taser gun is considered a deadly weapon and why it is no longer a source of pride for a cop never to have drawn his firearm.

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Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate, hosts the Pro Libertate Radio show on the Liberty News Radio Network and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. For what it’s worth, Chinese cops do not carry guns or tasers. They have rubber billy clubs with a weight in the end and they definitely know martial arts. Only special details like the narco cops carry guns routinely. The main time I see guns is when private armored car companies deliver cash to branch banks.

    1. "The main time I see guns is when private armored car companies deliver cash to branch banks. "

      Those are only bean bag shotguns too, no lethal ammo.

  2. The actual priorities of the police as institutions are 1) officer safety 2) getting more money from the government through drug seizures, homeland security cash and traffic fines 3) spending the extra money on things that interest them- SWAT courses, scuba teams, new cars, promotions, 9-5 weekday jobs 4) attending events that will make great cop stories (this explains police behavior at riots more than any conspiracy theories) 5) getting good press….

    Protecting you and your property is somewhere below organizing the annual golf tournament.

    "Defending the state" may be the outcome but most cops don't think that deeply about what they do.

    They simply want a job that's occasionally interesting, gets you out of the office, pays OK, doesn't need a degree and is fun to talk about. They're trained to talk about public service and helping victims but that's hooey just as they are trained to be shaken up and needing four days off after shooting gangsters.

  3. One thing I have been amazed by lately is the insane volume of Law/Cop shows that coming on TV. Every other new show seems to be either about lawyers or cops. It seems that the propoganda campaign to keep us believing that the Law is just, fair, and impartial has shifted into a higher gear. These shows always end up promoting the idea that our legal system is still functional, aside from the occassional wart.

    The reality is that even though at one point the law existed to protect the regular american, they are now used more and more to control and oppress us. Like the guy who was charged with violating FISA for video taping a cop who stopped an american for some traffic violation. Laws are increasingly weapons used against us. Enviormental activists, for example, have been seeing this firsthand for years.

    1. The other aspect of these shows is they more subtly promote the "24" style of anything goes law enforcement. They constantly show how cops are so passionate that they behave unlawfully. They show them using illegal coercion in interrogations, being overally violent with the criminals they pursue, and its all justified by some assumed "cares so much", heart of gold style intent.

      Just one more way the MSM helps pave the way to a police state.

    2. The glut of cop shows is something else, isn't it? (Shit, are cops in danger of being forgotten, or something?!)

      Of course, cop shows have been a staple of television since day one. In the 1950s and '60s, there was "Racket Squad," "Highway Patrol," "Naked City," "The Detectives," "Burke's Law," "NYPD," "Dragnet," "The FBI," blah blah blah. Today, they're still with us–with a vengeance. And they all deify cops.

      1. I preferred "Perry Mason". Defense attorneys are the ones who can help you. Police are eager but fairly dumb, and the DA is an idiot.

  4. If the American state is going to try to escalate state violence untill American civilians are destroyed it will mean the destruction of the American military and police. The American people can easily crush the police anytime they want. These would be the options the police would have. 1 They could stand and fight and be almost immediatly annihilated by the weight of millions of americans wielding millions of guns. 2 They could take off their uniforms and fight as guerrillas and or terrorists. 3 They could use the military to protect them while they patroled (which means it would be very hard for them to sneak up on criminals ect.) 4 They could leave the country. The military would be defeated by tens of millions of full and part time guerrillas in a country so vast that every state is the size of a country and in a guerrilla war bigger that Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. The military would probably kill millions of people (as they did in Vietnam) but they would still lose as killing is not the same thing as winning. The US military cannot fight it's way out of a guerrilla paper bag and has not won a guerrilla war in 108 years (the Philippine Insurrection of 1902).

    1. The US military is still fighting, albeit "officially" through proxies, in the southern Philippines and has helped to quell various secessionist, Islamic, Huk, and communist insurgencies throughout post-"independence" Philippine history. What the Americans succeeded in doing all those years ago and maintaining to the present day is placing a Tagalog face on that outpost of American empire, securing the Tagalog elite a Manila-based toy empire backed by American arms.

  5. Anyone who thinks that all cops are like, say, Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry must be smoking funny cigarettes. Police work attracts misfits, the kind who are psychologically dangerous when armed with authority.

    There are two kinds of cop: One stands behind his badge, the other hides behind his. Of course, the police culture encourages this shit anyway.

    1. Kind of reminds me of those guys with the backwards collars. Any position of power and authority should not go to a neophyte. They get too top heavy and fall down.

  6. My husband and I are very greatful to Will Grigg for getting our story out. We were fortunate to have lived most of our lives in the fairy tale world of "Protect and Serve". Now that our local Prosecuting Attorney has decided that a police officer was not to be charged because in his "heart" he thought he was doing the right thing, we live in a gated prison "Diamondhead, in Hot Springs, AR". If your heart is right you can run over a man with your truck and shoot at he and his wife in their home, lie about everything, and continue to "Protect and Serve".

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