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Josh Ruebner, National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, discusses burning his Israeli military deferment papers in protest, reasons to be skeptical of the newest attempt at Israel-Palestinian peace talks, the unfair foundation for negotiations that requires equal concessions from drastically unequal partners, why the U.S. never uses its substantial leverage to influence Israel’s policy and how the 500,000 West Bank settlers may have established enough “facts on the ground” to make a 2-state solution impossible.

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Josh Ruebner is the National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition of more than 325 organizations working to change U.S. policy towards Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality. He also co-founded an organization named Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI), which later merged with Jewish Voice for Peace.

Josh used to work as a Middle East Analyst with Congressional Research Service (CRS), a non-partisan federal government agency which conducts research for Members of Congress. He is an active member of the Arlington Green Party and ran twice as its candidate for Arlington County Board.

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  1. Here is what I think about these so-called "peace talks". Israel is negotiating with Obama. Israel may make some territorial concession for the Palestinians to Obama, or at least make motions in that direction in return for Obama green-lighting an Iran attack. This is really all about Iran.

    Any motions toward "peace" will not survive an Iran attack. Hezbollah and Hamas will launch massive attacks on Israel, and Syria might join in. The outcome of this is very unpredictable.

  2. Best regards to Josh Ruebner. He and his organization deserve the support of every thoughtful American.

    These new "peace talks" are pure, unadulterated bullshit. They're being honchoed by Hillary Clinton, that bought-and-paid-for tool of the Israel Lobby. She really inspires confidence, right? The Palestinians are on one side, and Israel's on the other. The former are an impoverished, enslaved people, while the latter is nuclear-armed, and awash in American military, financial, and diplomatic support.

  3. If Egypt and Jordan would tear up their peace agreements with Israel and join the rest of the Arab world in demanding the UN solution in the Middle-east, Israel would maybe blink. On the other hand, average Americans have been paying (through their government) bribe money to those countries for years ($2 billiion/year to Egypt and $1.2 billion/year to Jordan) to maintain the agreement. As long as the peace that now exists in the Middle-east is a purchased commodity, you can be sure it will not last. Start charging Israel for the support of all the displaced refugees they have produced and the stoppage of development in Palestine that they have caused. Apply the same tactics on Israel that were required of BP to clean up the mess they made in the Gulf of Florida.

  4. Obama will never use any leverage against the Israelis due to the certainty that such decisive measures would spark a full-fledged, bi-partisan revolt in the Congress. Led mainly by Democrats like Charles Schumer.

    And the settlers are too many and too entrenched to be removed in accordance with any settlement. Look at how difficult it was to remove a small number from Gaza. Consider also how settler supporters and ultra-orthodox are expanding their influence within the Army. If the government tried to remove settlers, it's likely at least parts of the Army would refuse to obey orders. The extreme Zionists have achieved their goal of obtaining a death grip on the West Bank, and Israel itself will eventually pay a bitter price.

  5. Excuse me for a nonsequitur comment here, but somebody should really send Scott Horton to hot spots and historical cities around the globe to give him a chance to SEE and experience the world as he reports. He's already so knowledgeable: he's ready to gain much to expand his personal insights.

  6. A point that a very knowledgeable and wise Israeli friend of mine made to me was that Israeli society is itself quite unstably fractured along several fault lines and these all meet up with the question of the State. These involve (i) left-right, (ii) religious/non-religious, (iii) zionist-non-zionist, (iv) identify politics "am I a jew or a non-jew?", (v) military-civilian (vi) settler-or not. What's worse is that where one falls on these fault lines is not-predetermined by any one of these categories. For example, you can identify with your jewishness and be very left wing or be very right-wing.
    The point of bringing this up is to remember that Israeli society is also tenuously balancing itself and that the political repercussions of any peace deal could result in non-reversible instability to undo Israeli society as well. This does not mean nothing ought to be done…just to remind everyone that Israel is not a monolithic society despite what we see of it from the outside.

  7. O is anything if not cynical. Besides watching drone snuff films on his computer, I think the only other thing he enjoys about being prez is sticking his thumb in the eyes of everyone who is disadvantaged.

  8. Scott, whatever makes you think there will be a problem for the Israelis once the Palestinians become the majority? Seems like I remember quite a few colonies where the White Overlords ruled over much larger native populations? And put down any uprisings pretty effectively for long periods of time.

  9. why should israel give up anything..they have the upper hand…and when the obama admnistration said they can solve the mideast problem in a year, i fell off my chair laughing…they are only making themselves look like fools…israel is in the hands of a right wing theocracy and they a'int giving up nothing

  10. A waste of time. Netanyahu wouldn't make peace or anything less that Eresh Yisroel.

    In the meantime he couldn't make peace with Fatah. They wouldn't survive the next election and he'd be facing HAMAS for the next round.

    His only hope is to 'work' the negotiations so Obama sees that the best way out is a new 'Final Solution' . That way he can wipe out the Arabs and get a Presidential Medal of freedom for it. If there weren't any more Palestinians, there would be no more Palestinian problems, nu?

    Great shades of der Grosster Fuhrer Aller Zeitung!

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