Winslow T. Wheeler


Winslow T. Wheeler, Director of the Straus Military Reform Project, discusses the Pentagon’s trillion dollar budget, rapidly increasing costs that have delayed much-needed repairs/replacements of aging military equipment, the post-9/11 rejuvenation of incompetent Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and how construction of new Virginia-class submarines is spread out in the interest of inefficiency and Congressional pork.

MP3 here. (20:23)

Winslow T. Wheeler writes regularly for He spent 31 years working on Capitol Hill with senators from both political parties and the Government Accountability Office, specializing in national security affairs. Currently, he directs the Straus Military Reform Project of the Center for Defense Information in Washington. He is author of Wastrels of Defense: How Congress Sabotages U.S. Security and the editor of a new anthology: America’s Defense Meltdown: Pentagon Reform for President Obama and the New Congress.

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  1. First trillion dollar budget was in 1987. Clinton's first budget (FY 94) was less than 1.5 trillion. His last budget (FY 01) was less than 1.9 trillion. The first Bush II budget was over 2 trillion, and the last was over 3 trillion. Bush and his Republicratic Congress was, far and away, the bigger spender.

  2. This is the fate of super power and maddness as it is inevitable the destruction of america as super power. Every super power becomes mad and start killing civilians. This is the lesson of history and I wish sooner is better than latter that US is break in peaces.
    Allah does,t like civilian killings and wrong doers will be punish. This is the message of Koran

    1. My Lord, Jesus Christ, doesn't like civilian killings either. At the Great White Throne Judgement of God, He will punish wrongdoers. This is the message of the Holy Bible. The word holy means "set apart." And, the word bible is derived from the Greek word biblos which means "the book." The Lord Jesus Christ be praised!

  3. It breaks my heart to know that if the United States spent half that amount per year on education, health care and infrastructure America would be a world leader in every major standard of living index known to man.

  4. The U.S. military budget is one trillion dollars per year. The Wall Street banks and corporations and the military-industrial establishment have made fools of the American people by building an enormously wasteful worldwide empire of 700+ military bases and leading America into one bloody war after another. Millions of Americans are out of work and the effective unemployment rate is over 20%. Millions of Americans, because they can't make the payments, have been thrown out of their homes. If it wasn't for food stamps, one out of six Americans would slowly starve to death from malnutrition. Americans, go to the polls this November and throw the encumbents (with the lone exception of Ron Paul) out of office. Go to the polls and tell the military-industrial establishment and their puppets in Washington to go to hell.

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