Muhammad Sahimi


This interview is excerpted from the September 9 KPFK Los Angeles radio broadcast. The entire show can be heard here.

Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Southern California, discusses new accusations – from the NCRI (or MEK) terrorist group – that Iran is building secret nuclear enrichment facilities near Tehran, the moderate interpretation of the accusations from the usually-alarmist Institute for Science and International Security, current claims of obstructionism that ignore Iran’s legal rights under their safeguards agreement and the limitations of IAEA authority, how numerous debunking attempts have failed to kill the “smoking laptop” narrative, how Iran’s crisis of theocracy (the government’s challenge to the ayatollah’s monopoly on religious authority) is misinterpreted by the West as an aspiring global Islamic Caliphate and why a clear understanding of modified Code 3.1 (of the Subsidiary Arrangements of the Safeguards Agreement) perfectly refutes the Qom facility “gotcha” stunt.

MP3 here. (54:10)

Dr. Muhammad Sahimi is a political columnist for Tehran Bureau. He is a professor of chemical engineering and materials science, and the NIOC Chair in petroleum engineering at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In addition to his scientific research, which has resulted in four books and nearly 300 published papers, he has been writing about Iran’s nuclear program and its internal developments for many years.

His articles have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Harvard International Review, the Progressive, and Huffington Post. Muhammad has been a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists since 1986, and a contributor to its Partners for Earth program.

12 thoughts on “Muhammad Sahimi”

  1. 17:24 "It's like putting somebody on trial but not showing him what he's accused of, or who is accusing him and based on what evidence and what documents." Well, but that's the kind of treatment you expect when you either ride broomsticks in silhouette across a crescent moon, turn people into frogs, get sold to the US military for five grand, deliver aid to Gaza, or you happen to be Iran.

  2. Is Iran threatening, invading, or occupying any country at the moment? No.
    Does Iran have nuclear weapons? No. And Iran is entitled to assert its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Of course, when it comes to threats, invasions, occupations, and the like, the U.S. and its "51st state," Israel, have a shameful record of doing just that. . . .

    1. .
      Don't you mean Israel and it's subordinate 1st state, USA, 2nd state, Canada, 3rd state UK, 4th State, Australia, etc., etc., etc.

      Without exagerating, the Lobby controls our Foreign Policy. In order to control our Foreign Policy, the Lobby must control our Domestic Policy and Legislators.

      When adding the influence of the Judiciary, the Banks, the Media, and a large swathe of Academia………….the Lobby owns America.

      We live, work, breathe, kill and die for Israel.

      We are just too stupid to realize it and too cowardly to do anything about it.

  3. Iran, as any country has the RIGHT to use Nuclear facilities for PEACEFUL PURPOSSES.
    There is NO A M B I Q U I T Y answer about this.They said it is against their religion, Who
    can disprove that? Facts ? where are they?

  4. I remember years ago when the mainstream media first aired the story that Iran was developing Nuclear technology. I knew that this was not gonna go away even if nothing exists(Iraq!WMDs?) My personal opinion is simple. Who is a threat to who? Israel would love if Iran attacked anything associated with them. Iran is no threat and they have every right to the powerplants and to Nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the Zionist stockpile of nukes, chemical, and biological weapons.

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