Juan Cole


Juan Cole, Professor of History and author of Engaging the Muslim World, discusses the medieval-yet-reasonable Islamic laws of war, how Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers more closely resemble radical nationalists than Islamic extremists, why many Americans continue to get the facts of 9/11 completely wrong and how “Islamofascism” fears were ginned up in Republican National Committee focus groups to get votes in the 2006 midterm elections.

MP3 here. (22:48)

Juan Cole is the author of Engaging the Muslim World. He is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan and writes the “Informed Comment” blog at Juancole.com.

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    1. Please think for yourself instead of referring to websites that are just the same old arguments rehashed with new flavors-People are not insane if they do not think like you! Newton believed in God and the person with the website that you referenced has zero mental "creative" ability as compared to Newton-Believe me I studied Newton and now wasted my precious time [on your suggestion] on this useless website-which lacked any new idea…

    2. Joe, apparently you don' t know much real history. For most of the last 1500 years, Jews and minority Christians were rather safer under Muslim rule than under Christian rule, esp. Latin Christians in Western Europe. That's why you find Monophysites and Nestorians existed in the traditional Middle East and not in traditional Western Europe. That's why the major Jewish philosophers (Saadia Gaon, Maimonides) wrote in Arabic, not Latin. Being a minority in the Middle East wasn't perfect, but better than alternatives.

      May I suggest to you the books of F. E. Peters? Especially _Allah's Commonwealth_? Also _The Cambridge History of Islam_? These are standard academic works with lots of references to books and articles for further reading. Be very skeptical of anything on the net (including me, of course). The Internet is a vast heap of dung, with a few pearls hidden in it. To find a pearl, you need to reject a lot of crap first.

  1. Rather than criticize the ignorant masses Prof. Juan Cole may want to consider what part he plays in an educational system that cripples 'ordinary' Americans so that they cannot get into medical school either because of lack of preparation, finance, or restriction of the number of domestic medical school graduates. This sets the stage for the need to import doctors and the need to join the military to get medical insurance, tuition, ect.

    1. The US has always imported its physicians, engineers, scientists, etc. Old Americans sit around, connive, whine about immigrants.

  2. What ever happened to BBC having tracked down seven of the 9-11 attackers, who were alive and well, after they committed suicide? Is there any truth to this? Neither BBC or anyone else denies it, but nobody talks about it. BBC doesn´t answer the question in e-mails. Is there any truth to it?

  3. Islam seems to me to be a backward unreformed religion. And it's a strong religion and Christianity is weakening and it scares people. How's this so appalling that people are scared of it?? They have no experience for the most part of living amongst muslims. Mosques are popping up in nominally Christian countries but not churches in Muslim ones and it makes poor westerners scared and feel like their home is losing its specialness and identity and therefore they are losing their place, however small it is – probably *because* their place is so small, they can't afford to lose any of it. And working class people really don't have much else but their sense of their own identity and get their self respect from that. So it's not really hatred but fear.

    I am not saying they should stop the mosque. And people will get used to muslims slowly. But you can't expect it to happen overnight and trying to pretend Islam is a particularly attractive religion is just stupid. It's not. To me it's on a par with the more conservative Christian sects. sorry, I am not very tolerant. And yes of course your average Muslim does what average Christian does and ignores the crazy bits of the Koran and tries to be a good person. And they are nearly all muslims just because their parents were muslims.

    I don't think you or Juan Cole can square the circle, that's what I am saying. I think this is one of the areas where libertarianism tends to fall down a hole.

    1. Muslims are pretty much the same thing as low church protestants. Muslims have a third testament, like Mormons, they have independent congregations, like Baptists. Biggest difference: their halakhah (ethical system) is more carefully and rationally thought out and debated.

      I was a middle east archeology student and lived in the middle east a Catholic. No problems. Nowadays, I teach English in China, and have Muslims students in every class. (Muslims are scattered around China, the way Jews are in the USA.) No problem. No Muslim student has ever terrorized me. I had supper with American friends at a Muslim restaurant last Saturday, and no one poisoned me! I eat at Muslim restaurants all the time.

    2. Muslims are not new in the USA. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has the oldest Muslim community in America, from the 1840s. Major industrial cities like Cleveland or Detroit have had sizeable numbers of Muslims, with big mosques, since the late 1800s.

      Muslim hatred it promoted by various politicians and religious leaders for their own profit. They same people who used to tell us to kill commies now are telling us to kill muslims. They profit from Cold Wars and want to keep them going. You and I don't benefit at all.

        1. andy,

          Borrowing from Israeli Hasbara is an old trick, just like the "self-hating XYZ" nonsense peddled by Joe Dokes up thread.

          And if you don't like the facts because they contradict your opinion, you can always edit some Wikipedia article and then link to it, citing it as fact.

          1. "Extremely few"?

            Funny how throughout this entire exchange of your contradicting zhubajie, not once did you cite a number.

            So you're basically against his comment in principle. God forbid Muslims were seen as an integral part of mainstream America, right? You had to claim otherwise even though no numbers were being discussed here. Just the presence of Muslims and their gaining legitimacy in the US drives you insane.

            And this from a hack who makes such anti-Semitic claims as "most intolerant religion in the world"?

            You DO need a lesson, one in geography, one in history, one in theology and it wouldn't hurt if you had those rusty neurons in the dark corners of your noodle activated by a philosophy lesson.

            Yeah. You're an authority, alright. An authority on lies and bigotry.

            So to recap, it's too bad you don't know what you're talking about. As things stand, responding to you on a more serious level would be like giving that pastor from Florida airtime to spew his nonsense.

          2. Why don't we just refer to the 1960 census. I know exactly what I am talking about. There were extremely few muslims living in America prior to 1965, just like say there were extremely few blacks or Pakistanis living in Britain prior to 1948.

          3. You always know you've won the argument when the other person simply calls you a "bigot" and cuts off the discussion. Take your ball and go home Avi.

    3. Annes, I am trying to understand your post which seems to make some sense but I do not understand it fully. How is Christianity weakening? Why is it weakening? How does ordinary American knows that churches are not popping up in Muslim countries? Why do ordinary American not know that Christians have been living peacefully in Muslim countries for ages?

      Why do you think their place is small? How are they losing it? Are they losing it because people are just turning away from religion or they are losing it because the folks are converting to Islam? Do they really think that Islam is so attractive that as soon as a few mosques pop up all the Christians will start converting to Islam and then they will impose Shria law?

      The fact is that it is constant hate mongering and fear mongering (for almost a decade now) by some vested interest that has created such a paranoia among ordinary folks.

  4. In reality Islam is the most intolerant faith in the world today and the muslim world is reactionary and backward. The best thing for the west would be to disconnect from it. Get all its troops out of muslim lands and stop muslims from moving to the west.

    1. According to the historical record, Christianity is more intolerant. I believe you are confusing tribal identity and customs with religion & are probably not aware of what countries and cultures are predominantly islamic.

    2. Certainly get the troops out. But what is the long-range thinking in the "west" "disconnecting" from the "muslim world"? Certainly it could be expected to strengthen reactionaries in "both parts" of this artificial and reactionary cleavage. Geert Wilders has learned how to sound reasonable of late, but look closely at his ideas on "Dutch Identity" — sheer nativist bloodline mythology. It is not a war of civilizations, but truly a war FOR civilization — rich, human civilzation. Ever read the Pakistani newspaper "Dawn" — founded by Jinnah himself? Or Al Jazeera from Qatar — which happens to be another fiefdom of the pius Wahabbis? i'll take them over so much "secular" western media. Pakistanis .> elected < a woman head of state, a generation and counting before the USA, for Aisha's sake!

      1. "Pakistanis .> elected < a woman head of state, a generation and counting before the USA, for Aisha's sake! "

        Like everyone else, Pakistanis can be foolish as too.

  5. 9-11 was an inside job, and you'd have to be a professor of something to be stupid enough not to see it.

    You'd also have to be a retard to believe a murderous pedophile was a Holy Man of some kind, but hey, go for it, I can see the upside of the polygamy.

    1. Yeah, tell it to the U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth..good website…Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth…Pilots for 9/11 Truth…Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth…Veterans for 9/11 Truth…Scholars for 9/11 Truth…This was classic false-flag terrorism..while the bodies are still falling out of windows you make sure your fat ass ( Ehud Barak ) is in a TV studio directing the blame at your enemies..This was a Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA operation..

      1. And who was the gutless non-thinking, non-researching sheeple who gave Castro a thumbs down? The Israeli "art students" have been seen visiting the homes of intell, defense officials again..Is this intimidation? When you can become a lease holder of, arguably, the most important office complex in NYC and insure the asbestos-laden monsters for billions and then reap all that ill-gotten booty off of the Mossad/rogue CIA false-flag that transpires then you know your world is controlled by some pretty bad people..

  6. But if you want to control dissent then lead the dissent ( or control it's funding ) and those types of dissent control valves, if you will, were put in place before the attack…The real perpetrators really caught the avg American flat-footed and now some people still can't see what really happened bc it's implications are too painful so they go on believing the people who first "informed" them even though it was their main objective to deceive them in the first place!

  7. The "ground zero mosque" /community ctr non-issue issue was put front and center ( and kept there ) BECAUSE it re-inforces the official bs story that even most members of the 9-11 Commission have publicly stated they don't believe…So why are we supposed to believe it? ( Of course the Commission pre-ordained "findings" were directed by Phil Zelikow and co.

  8. Any mention of the "who" really did 9-11 simply isn't allowed..but, why not? The "how" is known; a cabal electronically hijacked a few airplanes, demolished a few bldgs, fired a missile into the Pentagon to get the " Remember the Maine/Lusitania/non-surprise attack on Pearl/Gulf of Tonkin/April Glasbie" moment..But who makes up that cabal? Raimondo was one of the first to dive into that pool-followed by Victor Thorn, Chris Bollyn, etc..This was clearly a Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false-flag and if we have to wait for justice until we're gray..then we will..But Manny Badillo's cries for justice for his fallen uncle are heard in heaven and the real perpetrators will reap the whirlwind.

    1. Geez, you are a nut. Dozens of eyewitneesses saw the American Airlines plane head towards the Pentagon, plane debris was seen and recovered onsite and bodies of people from the plane were identified. And, if there was no American Airlines flight crashing into the Pentagon, what happened to the missing flight? A huge jet was sucked into the Bermudas traingle?

  9. I just read that Leon Panetta, head of the CIA recently said there are only 50 members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan today. Obama has said they need to increase the number of U.S. troops to over 120,000.

    That means it takes 2,400 U.S. soldier to fight just ONE member of Al-Qaeda. Clearly, this is proof that Allah is on the side of the al-Qaeda fighters, and maybe even other deities as well. Do you have any other explanation?!?!?

  10. Islam is derived from a Christian heresy and yes, most Muslims like being Muslim. They pray to God, give charity to the poor, and love their families and don't like people from other countries killing them to steal their oil or make corporations and Generals happy. They don't like their governments in a lot of cases because they are Islamic but because they are murderously corrupt and usually kept in power by the same foreigners that kill them. The worst ones use Islamic law as a way to maintain power. Red State Fascists are planning the same in the US.

    1. I prefer the Muslims..If they have a problem with you in their part of the world or on the border of ( Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon -no more Civil War-never agn!! ) they will fight you out in the open…They won't seduce you into thinking the way they do ( "liberty, equality, fraternity, the rights of man, separation of church and state", laicism, secularism" all slogans and buz-words for the sophisticates to get them to reject EVERYONE ELSE to reject their uniqueness and group loyalty…They won't manipulate you and try to false-flag you into fighting their enemies for them…They won't grab a private charter for a privatized central banking cartel that creates money out of nothing and then loans it to the govt at interest…

      1. they also won't cowardly kill you with un-attackable robots high in the sky! Are the coalition troops "heroic"? No. The native defenders are the heroic ones, using very little technology and resources to defend their homeland against the most advanced taxpayer-sponsored killers ever seen on Terra.

  11. One again Juan Cole is a professor at the University of Michigan. He most likely lives so close to Detroit on a good day he can smell the smoke from the burning buildings. Foreign health professionals in the US are just a symptom of a failed and expensive educational system, one which Prof Juan Cole is a beneficiary of. I would not blame local Americans for not being thankful for the foreigners taking advantage of Americans failed heath and educational systems. Both of those systems force young American males into the military or go nowhere jobs.

  12. Its astonishing how willfully blind people in america are. The information about the truth of Islam is all over the place, but people cannot accept the reality that Islam should not be protected by freedom of religion laws. I am an ex-muslim. I know my people, and I know what this so called religion is. Islam is primarily a State, enforced by the religion. Islam is ideology. Its the holy commandment from Allah to bring the entire world under Dar al Islam. The house of Islam. Islam must prevail over all of mankind. Period.

    By supporting muslims, you support sharia law, since only sharia is recognized by muslims worldwide. All other kuffar's laws are not binding to a muslim. Do you have any idea what sharia is? By supporting muslims, you automatically become homophobic since under sharia, all homosexuals must be executed. Period. This law can be enforced by any muslim. The same goes with people like me. as an ex-muslimah any muslim has the authority to exterminate me in any country. All apostates face the death sentence.

    By supporting Islam, you automatically become racist. This was a tough one to get out of myself as well. According to the Koran, Jews are not even human. Allah created Jews from apes and pigs so that muslims can kill Jews with no conscience at all. Kaffirs, or kuffars are the unbelieving people of the world, and as the Koran commands muslims, (if muslims say that this verse only applies in a time of war, they mislead you. Taqiya is self-preservation. To lie about the truth of Islam's intentions is part of the religion itself. They are masters of deception) Qur'an 9:5 "When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive [enslave them], beleaguer them [torture them], and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war. But if they relent, [and become Muslims by…] performing their devotional obligations and paying the zakat tax, then open the way. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

    This command abrogates over 125 peaceful verses in the Koran. Since chapter 9 of the Koran is either the last book or the second to last, and deals primarily with how muslims should act towards the kafir… It remains as a command until the world is dominated by Islam.

  13. The peaceful god of the peace-loving religion said: Qur'an 9:29 "Fight those who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth (Islam), (even if they are) of the People of the Book (Christians and Jews), until they pay the Jizyah tribute tax in submission, feeling themselves subdued and brought low." Nothing can abrogate either one of these verses. This is the holy command of Jihad and Jihad is an obligation that every muslim must keep or else be called an apostate. The vast majority of my brethren all over the world desire to become Shahid's. Martyrs. No muslim wants peace with the kuffar. It is the muslims duty to hate the kuffar with all of their hearts and minds, but show outward peace when in a position of lesser power.

    Islamic Taqiya, or sacred deceptions, is often used to portray a false vision of what Islam truly is. It is always practiced in interfaith dialogue sessions which are always the ‘Islamic Dawa’ sessions (conversion sessions) for adherents of Islam. Taqiya allows adherents to give a false perception of Islam to the kafir by not giving the full story and by withholding information, and by twisting the reality of Islam (facts) so that the Kafir is fooled…! The Muslim adherents are commanded by the Prophet of Islam and Allah, to falsify the doctrines of Islam to the Kafir. When the kafir does not understand the reality of Islam, the kafir cannot mount a defense or respond to it. This is why conquered peoples, the dhimmis, are not allowed to study the Koran. The lies of taqiya, backed by the duality of Islamic logic, have the effect of paralyzing those who would oppose Islam. Taqiya allows the adherent to say, essentially, anything they wish to a kafir on any subject(s). But most importantly, the Muslim adherents KNOW how to deceive the kafirs about the truth and the reality of Islam!

    Islamic Taqiya allows the Muslim adherents to hide the facts, that the peaceful facades of Islam is truly a mask which hides the reality of Islam -which is worldwide conquest until the entire world is under Islam. You will never hear this truth of Islam from an adherent except from a Jihadist!

    Jihadists know that Islam is on the rise and that the west is weak, etc. When they hold their signs in Europe that say, “Islam will dominate the World”, they are telling the truth of their true intentions; when their signs say, “We love Hitler”, or “The Holocaust is coming Jews!” believe in them. They know their doctrines and believe themselves to be ‘Good Muslims’.

    When the doctrine of Islam is known and understood, it is clear that they (jihadists) are in fact good, observant Muslims –faithful adherents to the doctrines and commands of Allah and Mohammed.

    Every muslim is either a jihadist or an apostate. This is why most muslims are killed by muslims. Over 2 million muslims were slaughtered in Sudan in the last 10 years alone. That is fact.

    Wake up kafirs, your land is under Dar al Harub. (the house of WAR) Islam is at war with every unbelieving country in the world, and has never stopped its war for 1400 years!

    Wake up now because the time is going to come very soon, and you will not be prepared for the barbarity of Islam destroying everything in its path. Death to a muslim is desired far more that your desire for life. Hatred is the soul of Islam, and Allah hates all who don't believe and follow him and its up to its believers to force you to believe or die.

    This is the truth about Islam regardless of what you believe. To fear Islam is a rational fear. The West either has to wake up to this imminent threat, or die a painful death. That is your only choice.

    By the way, I blame Islam for destroying the minds of muslims. They are trapped in a system that they cannot escape. Truth will help, but you must fight them by exposing the truth. Their hearts are filled with hatred, and with gentleness, you must expose the truth to them.

    1. Seems to me that it is easier to do away with the faith than with the hate if indeed you did not gain the latter afterward as you seem so determined on demonstrating. Your little tirade reads like any Spencerite propaganda only even less coherent. Probably something to do with the writing and editing time a fat Horowitz check can pay for. Well in any case, all the buzz words right of the check list and no new info to add.

      This makes me hesitate to take you on your word you were a muslim as one would expect a tiny weeny bit more authenticity to your story. Hell, even if you aren't you might want to consider try weaving a little bit of originality into your polemics.

      And please don't overdo stuff outside your little circle of likeminded people on the hate-sites you like to hang, because it swiftly diminishes your credibilty and it makes you sound rather stupid.

    2. Muslims can't handle the truth. The "prophet' was just a fraud and a conman who invented a cult that rationalized conquest and slavery and rapine.

      1. These petty insults of their prophet are meant to anger muslims. It's just plain childish and as the rest of it beside the truth. Islam is neither invented by "Mohammed" nor should anyone who wants to honestly assess its's roots and how it came to blossom so widely so quickly disconnect it from the political, historical and even geographical contexts. It is not even really established beyond question whether the prophet Mohammed really existed. Even though there is much more indirect evidence to that effect than for example for the historicity of Jesus Christ, who most likely has never existed. (Like Moses, king David, Robin Hood, Homer, Lao Tse and Bugs Bunny.)

        So you see how incredibly impotent your puny litle attempt to insult-a-muslim really is. Especially when directed at people who aren't muslim.

  14. We at Fathfreedom.org are muslim apostates. We are trying to get the truth about Islam to the public. Sometimes its better to see what lies at the heart of the very muslims america desires to protect. I encourage you all to read this post between one of our members and a True muslim. (warning. extremely graphic).

    Remember this, how titu miah engages those that know Islam is a revelation to those who do not know Islam. Open your eyes and see what Islam does to its adherents. There was a time where I too believed just like him. I escaped. The question is; can you escape this mindset that is within the majority of muslims?

    BTW, why can you not put conditions upon building the 9/11 mosque? Make these simple demands and see what happens.

    Ask imam Rauf to comply with these demands and he can build his mosque.

    Publicly denounce Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim brotherhood and Al Queda as the terrorists groups that they are. Then ask him to abrogate chapter 9 of the Koran which commands and condones murder upon the unbelievers. Might as well include chapters 8, 4, 5… ect… Perhaps its easier just to ask him to abrogate all the verses that were created after Muhammed left Mecca for Medina where he became a warlord and married a six year old and had sex with her when she was nine and still playing with her dolls.

    1. May Allah save you from the so much hatred that had filled your heart and is decaying your sole.

      Islam is one and the last vesion of revelations from God. Mohamed is the last prophet of the 2400 and more messengers of God who preached the unity of Allah (SWT). If you are a knowledgable person Christanity, Judism and Islam are one and the same. Allah/God sent down those revealatins to mankind based on their stages of social and psychological advancements. There were messengers to the primitive humans but it was presented to them in such a way that was understandable to them.

      The problem is some one like you who is totaly confussed. May Allah show you the way.

      1. So was Joseph Smith…the West is being false-flagged and manipulated by the other group..that's why they bother me..The West has thrown off the sweet yolk of the Faith bc they don't think religion has any place in everyday life..combine that wit the fact that they put no restrictions on immigration-as if people were cucumbers or t-shirts-and they deserve whatever happens…And separation of Church and State is enforced but not Talmudic Temple and state-that's OK…Restricting and being selective of immigrants is wrong-unless you're Israel…Dealing with other religions in a brutal way ( Kosovo, Chechnya, Croatia, Bosnia ) is wrong, very wrong–and might get you bombed by NATO-unless you're Israel.

    2. Kaz, it seems you are fighting a good fight and I wish you well. I don't claim to be expert on Islam, but I know for 100% certain that Islam is not as much a threat to the world or to this country, as US/Israeli imperialism is.

  15. Well well, dear Albert, it seems that when it comes to Islam and Christianity you are commenting from your lack of knowledge.

    We are talking about people who "believe" in some kind of faith.

    All faiths have their "holy" books. People who believe in those faiths believe IN the contents of those books themselves. When we see certain actions from members of those faiths, the logical question would be, "does their holy books endorse or approve of those actions"?

    With Islam its different. Many people try to equate Christianity, and Judaism with Islam. Islam is the exact opposite of the other two. Let me explain.

    It started with Judaism where the wars of the Old testament were not to preach Judaism, not to conquer other countries, but to get the land that God had given to them. At that time, sacrifices were necessary to atone for ones sins.

    How do we know what a sin is? They have the 10 commandments. The first four deal with God, the rest is about man. When you read them, ask yourself what kind of world would it be if everyone followed those 10 commandments? World Peace?

    To Christians, when Christ died on the cross, he was the ultimate sacrifice that completely nullified the need for animal sacrifices. The door was open for the world to come to God through Christ. Christ gave us 2 commandments. Love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. He said that this was a summary of the 10 commandments. Which makes sense. Christian violence is supposed to be an oxymoron according to their holy books.

    Starts off violent, and ends in peace. Over 2000 years ago.

    Muhammed, started out peaceful in Mecca but in the ten years or so while he was trying to get believers to follow him, he used to pay Jews to tell him about what was in the Torah. That is where he got his knowledge of Judaism from. When he tried to preach about his new religion, people knew at that time he was making this up. People asked for some kind of sign that he was actually speaking for God. Muhammed couldn't do anything, and people laughed at him calling him a fake. Muhammed learned to hate everyone that was opposed to him. Very insecure. He was a product of the insensitive people around him. His own people. All the peaceful verses of the Koran where written during this time. When he was weak. It is here we find verses that are tolerant and peaceful.

    Muhammed left Mecca for Medina shortly after the Satanic Verses episode where he added 3 other female gods to the moon god Allah. He claimed that what he did was from Satan himself. So hence, we have Satan possessing Muhammed, and in my opinion, after that point Satan never left him.

    He changed. Mohammed was no longer the somewhat peaceful "messenger", but a Warlord. The characteristics of Mohammed changed into a man hell bent on violence and murder. The exact opposite of Judaism and Christianity.

    Islam does not have the ten commandments or anything like, "love your neighbor as yourself". The only model for morals comes directly from the life of Mohammed himself. In Islam, the more you are like the prophet, the more you are a true muslim.

    2:106. Whatever a Verse (revelation) do We {Allah} abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring a better one or similar to it. Know you not that Allah is able to do all things?

    Since chapter 9 (repentance) of the Koran deals with how to treat the unbelievers, and is one of the last books, it cannot be abrogated. Read it for yourself. These are commandments. They are for muslims. This chapter stands as the role on how muslims SHOULD act to be approved by Allah.

    Now ask yourself; does this sound like world peace, or world war 3?

  16. Need to comment on Prof. Cole's idea that the 9/11 "hijackers" were acting in extremely non-Moslem ways (drinking, womanizing, partying in public) because bin Laden told them to deflect suspicion by acting non-Moslem. That's an amazing stretch even for a PhD. Atta's girlfriend has said he spent the last six months before 9/11 drinking, doing lines of coke, and banging her pretty much full time. These guys were trying to draw attention to themselves so they could be remembered and blamed for 9/11. They were all working for the CIA, whether they knew it or not. See the Italian documentary Zero for a good report on how the CIA got them visas to come here and how they trained on US military bases.

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