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Jason Ditz, managing news editor at Antiwar.com, discusses Radio Free Europe’s strange accusation that Ditz is an Iranian agent and the taxpayer dollars wasted on a Cold War propaganda relic reinvented as U.S.  government “journalism.”

MP3 here. (9:31)

Jason Ditz is the managing news editor at Antiwar.com.

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  1. Bizarre..If you question the necessity and morality of murdering several million Persians to preserve brutal Israel's nuclear monopoy in the Middle East-so they can continue to unhesitatingly be as brutal as they want-then you must be in their employ….The fact that the reverse isn't being said of Krauthammer and Kristol and Podhoretz just shows how upside down the world is..Our CIA and our ally Mossad did 9-11…Our 'defense" budget has nothing to do with actually defending us..The only peace-loving " democracy" is an ethno-centric theocracy bent on more territory war-making…"Liberals" are generally the least liberal people you would rather not meet…"Conservatives" conserve nothing of value or, in fact, the liberalism that they've come to favor.

    1. The Pentagon/spy agencies purposes are to protect the worldwide investments of the FASCIST PREDATORY CAPITALISTS WELFARE KINGS, the enforcement arm of the NSA/NSC missions statements which is to secure and protect the resources of the world. Many of the WELFARE KINGS locate outside the USG to avoid USG taxes and are still accorded worldwide protection by the Pentagon/spy agencies. NO REPRESENTATION and USG protection WITHOUT TAXATION.

  2. Perhaps you should take this as something other than a joke. It seems to be a deviated way to smear you. Now other "news organizations can report that "Radio Free Europe" reports," then import what they want to spread, pretending it comes from a reliable source.
    The Bush administration used this method often for spreading false news.

    1. As harmless as Jonathan Pollard…As harmless as the demolition goons at Dominic Suter's Urban Moving Systems…As harmless as that thief Dov Zakheim ( $2.3 Trillion and the probable co-ordinator of the electronic hijackings ala' Systems Planning Corp..) As harmless as Kristol and Krauthammer who view the American serviceman as Depleted Uranium poisoned condoms that they've used to screw the arabs, Pashtun and Persians..As harmless as a viper..

      1. How ironic…people around here who fly the battle flag of the C.S.A. ( a country that no longer exists ) are deemed "dangerous"…but people who swear devotion to a country that knowingly attacked a US Naval ship in '67 with the intent to sink it, kill everyone aboard and blame it on their enemy aren't dangerous..And, by the way, the planes that were sent fm the USS Saratoga and America were equipped for LAND ATTACK..they were going to hit Egypt until stooges like Admiral McCain were told that the ship hadn't been sunk yet…Navy sources told this to Gordon Duff…I'm not surprised-they shot at the life boats..

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