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Kevin Zeese, Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace, discusses the failed left-of-center antiwar movement, how a broad-based antiwar coalition can keep the pressure on during the ebb and flow of Democrat-Republican politics, the remarkable Martin Luther King, Jr. Riverside church speech and why current trends indicate that we face a lifetime of constant war.

MP3 here. (21:18)

Kevin ZeeseĀ  is the Executive Director and co-founder of VotersForPeace.He also served as the Executive Director of Democracy Rising, is an attorney, and a long term peace advocate. He took a leave from VotersForPeace for most of 2006 while he was running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland. Zeese was a founding member of the Montgomery County Coalition Against the War in Maryland and has worked with various non-profit organizations on peace, justice, and democracy issues since 1978.

6 thoughts on “Kevin Zeese”

  1. Organizing is not trivial. The antiwar movement does not have the financial resources to do it, esp rowing against the MIC who will infiltrate it & destroy it from the inside before it gets any momentum.

  2. i volunteered and gave to the Kevin Zeese campaign for senate a few years back….a smart man with a lot of good ideas….but surrounded by zio-warmonger chicken hawks….that he did not or could not push away….would be great to see him do it, but not sure he can…

  3. Kevin made the statement:
    "Because we have so many client states, we have to create jobs in those client states, and that's costing the United States its industrial base…"

    Can someone flesh out this idea some more? I thought outsourcing was basically all about reducing labor costs — it never occurred to me that the politics of governing imperial provinces could be driving jobs overseas. IF this is true, and IF it can be clearly explained to Joe Lunchbucket in the US, it seems like it would be a powerful argument against the imperial foreign policy, given the economic depression, the collapse of the middle class, and the hollowing out of America's manufacturing and export sector.

  4. Hey Scott, Haven't stopped in for awhile.
    Here is a thought that I wish you would attack. Suppose we got what we wanted, a president and
    a Congress that said "No More Ware" and meant it. How would you do it? The answer is the real
    why we can't stop. Take for an instance, just one contract , the $60billion proposed sale to Saudi.
    That is just one sale.. I am sure you understand the jobs involved, massive. To be more blunt, every
    paycheck in America is in some way dependent on the
    M I L I T A R Y….E M P L O Y M E N T….E C O N O M I C ….C O M P L E X………….
    so you are talking about al least 65% unemployment , if we were to shut down the war machine.
    You cannont just stop the wars, bring the troops home, and continue to manufacture and sell weapons
    without having to send more troops somewhere else…
    How would the transition work???/

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