Jeremy Varon


Jeremy Varon, member of Witness Against Torture, discusses why Obama isn’t an improvement over Bush on torture and the rule of law, the Department of Justice’s active role in denying due process to torture victims, the Appeals Court decision that gives immunity to government crimes under cover of state secrets and how the Left’s inability to impeach Obama leaves the electoral process as the only means to remove him from office.

MP3 here. (19:12)

Jeremy Varon is a member of Witness Against Torture.

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  1. Just in case anybody missed it, the Obama campaign won the Association of National Advertisers' "Marketer of the Year" award.

    By contrasting him with the Bush administration as a "lesser evil" (which was not very difficult), he was sure to be able to pass a lot of bitter pills – "anything is better than THOSE guys, so come on people, get over it… Hope, Change, eh whatever… * suckers *"

    Given, it's better than "Rising on Freedom's Wings", or "Unfurling the Banner for a Greater Tomorrow", or some other such trite slogans the Republican advertisers would likely cough up.

    It's similar to Democrats now snarking at Tea Party followers, contrasting themselves with those "ignorant rubes", because they have no real platform of their own to go on, and frankly, it's an easy target. The problem comes when the "bad guys" you're trying to play off of get worse and worse, and there will be a ratcheting up effect in US politics, where the "lesser evils" the Americans have to choose from get worse and worse over time…

  2. Yes Obama loves torture, the Americans love torture…. and soon Obama will be torturing the Americans who love torture… kind of a happy outcome for all concerned….

    1. Wasn't there lots of torture in Viet Nam and Central America? Or in Jim Crow America? It's not rare in US crime fiction, for what that's worth. Probably most think it's OK so long as its someone they don't know, maybe with a weird church, who's being "non-tortured" to death.

  3. Scott, I really appreciated what you called a "rant" at the end of the first segment. It was clear, concise and left no wiggle room. If only there more people willing and able to speak as rationally and impassioned.

  4. PART 1
    I appreciated the guest and I thought he was especially eloquent at the beginning of the interview. He started drifting towards Obama apologia as the interview went on. I guess I'm a little irritated with people saying that Obama went against his campaign promises. Those promises were largely the figment of progressive imaginations. Anyone who paid a whit of attention to what Obama said and who he said it to should not be in the least surprised. I mean look at the people who he brought into his administration! Is there anyone with half a brain that would consider Hillary a dove on any issue? If anyone was in doubt, you didn't need to wait until 2010 to feel betrayed, he started the so called betrayal his first month in office. And I think that if anyone looks at how our two party democracy works, no one would be put in a position to make a serious run for president if they offered a platform that ran counter to the prevailing agenda in Washington.

  5. PART 2
    Finally, I think it's pathetic for people on the left to continually bring up their 'disillusionment' and 'feelings of betrayal', as if these are the main problems with Obama. Fuck your disillusionment and fuck your feelings of betrayal. The problem with Obama is that he's bombing people like you and me and that he's locking up people indefinitely with no chance for trial and torturing them. So while you whine over a cup of coffee at a coffee shop about how you're upset Obama, there are people frantically searching rubble for the remains of their relatives. While you try to console yourself into voting for Obama by running down the danger of the Tea Party, a human being is sitting in a cell in Guantanamo with no hope of ever getting out.

  6. The Obamatons are disillusioned? Why? Obama revealed all of these traits before his election. I'll never forget how he shot to his feet to salute Dubya during Dubya's last State of the Union address — leaping off the ground to salute the idea of sabre-rattling at Iran and others who are different from the United States of Amnesia.

    1. Correct. People tend to conveniently forget that Obama was more than willing to add his vote for violence while pushing the gas peddle of the engine of State towards larger deficits and other crimes against the citizenry.

  7. It was predictable that whoever followed Bush would not give up any of the autocratic powers he had arrogated. After all, who runs for office if they don't want power?

  8. I recall many of Obama's apologists argue that because Obama is a multidimensional chess player, whenever he makes a move to the Right, he's actually making some sort of backdoor move to the Left. But now that it has come to light that none of his Right moves have turned out to be Left moves, it safe to say that all of his apologists are liars or just plain stupid. Whatever the case may be, it's a crying shame that so many folks, both Left and Right, fell for this multidimensional malarkey!

  9. The next election is already over. I just read today in the Wall Street Journal that the corporations are switching to the GOP. That settles it then. There is no way the Dems can win, the corporations have already decided and as everybody knows that is the decisive factor? Voice of the people ? Fat chance. That's what it'll be called of course, no doubt about it. It's not that the Dems couldn't win without the corporate donations if they really wanted to, but hey, what about the 'revolving door' ? What kind of a career move would that be? No million dollar positions in the private sector between times in office. The American people don't care about torture, as long as they can be entertained, whether it's Disney or porn, or in most cases, both.

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