Matthew Hoh


Matthew Hoh, Director of the Afghanistan Study Group, discusses the circumstances that promted his resignation as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Afghanistan, the changing establishment consensus that is increasingly at odds with Afghanistan policy and the fact that – despite the hype about Gen. Petraeus’s strategy refresh – COIN doctrine has been in effect since 2005.

MP3 here. (18:55)

Matthew Hoh is the Director of the Afghanistan Study Group, a collection of foreign and public policy experts and professionals advocating for a change in US strategy in Afghanistan. Matthew has served with the US Marine Corps in Iraq and on US Embassy teams in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He resides in Arlington, VA.

9 thoughts on “Matthew Hoh”

  1. Ahahahahaha! Great jab Scott! — around 8:20 into it, the comment about it being "my money." Although I'm always glad to see people come to our side, I continue to despise people who live high on the hog courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

  2. Why no mention of Ahmadinejad's speech, where he casts doubt on who did 9-11?

    Heads of state are now questioning the 9-11 lies, and won't even cover it?

  3. Obviously the solution is to widen the war. Instead of just using drone attacks on Pakistanis, the U.S. needs a full scale bombing campaign, esp targeting civilians. That country hasn't been destroyed enough by floods. And don't forget to leave nukes on the table. end snark.

    1. I can add no comments on it and he is 1000% right.
      Americans are not ready to learn from history. They have only one language kill, kill and kill civilians like a mad elephant in jungle.

  4. What do we need this guy to tell us the obvious for? The war started out as something immoral, and now it's both immoral and out of control. Isn't Hoh a second-order war profiteer? A policy wonk who makes a living by pretending that these things are complicated?

  5. Ikram, don't make the mistake of confusing Americans with their government. Americans today are oppressed and brainwashed — so beaten down that most are unable to push back. If you want to know who real Americans are, it's people who resist the war. We're still strong, and are working for change. You will see.

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