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Dilip Hiro, author of After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World, discusses the terminal decline of the still-mighty U.S. empire, the frequent defeat of American strong-arm tactics in foreign affairs and the rise of competing powers in the BRIC countries.

MP3 here. (17:34)

Born in the Indian sub-continent, Dilip Hiro was educated in India, Britain and America, where he received a master’s degree at Virginia Polytechnic & State University. He then settled in London in the mid-1960s, and became a full-time writer, journalist and commentator. He has published many books, the latest of which is After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World.

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  1. Thanks Scott! Maybe you could try to have Mr. Hiro on again where he can talk more at length. His book "Neighbors, Not Friends" about the relationship between Iran and Iraq between the end of the first Gulf War and 2000 was a real eye opener, and one that showed me the major divisions in Iraq and the relationships between the Shia groups and Iran.

  2. History seems to have recorded that ALL empires have fallen at the height of their military power – at some point in time they can NO longer afford even the 'victories' in endless wars.

  3. If not for the Fed pumping in easy money, interest rates would have increased much earlier and all the speculation and consumption would have never occured. He cites Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as one of causes but these are government sponsored entities, not the creation of the free market nor is our current banking system. If banks were treated like regular businesses, they would be far more cautious in their lending and maintain much higher reserves to ward off panics. Perhaps the practice of fractional reserve banking should be banned as fraud. That would make the banking system far more stable.

    The best regulator is the free market and we can't have one until the government surrenders its control of money and allows for a commodity based money to reassert itself. Then and only then will we have honest and sustainable political economy. The problem is the politicians and special interests who comprise America's oligarchy will not let that happen. This is our dilemma.

    1. Well, we could try 'democracy' – like when we get to participate directly in government, instead of mystically through "representatives." Look up "direct democracy in Switzerland" –> the most peaceful nation on Earth.

  4. Never saw "free market capitalism" anywhere..it belongs in the same category as the Tooth Fairy and the Loch Ness monster…it was meant to be such…always amazed that people who get rich off govt contracts fund "conservative" candidates..Amazed at how Papa Koch got rich building refineries for Stalin then funded the John Birch society here…then kept building and training in the USSR into the late 60's…the same people who created communism created anti-communism here…They control the "Federal" Reserve..( N.M. Rothschild of London, Moses Seif Bank out of Italy and Goldman Sachs primarily ) create "money" out of nothing and loan it to the govt at interest..then use the proceeds to buy the media to keep the people misinformed ( so mgmtnt and labor keep glaring at ea other and never look at the top of the pyramid ) and keep the politicians on their financial leash..But the Newhouses and the Soros on the "Left" and the Murdochs and Kochs on the "right" agree on more than they disagree..

  5. Your arguments are confusing. You somehow cannot see the link between degulation and the and the ensuing crisis. Once the government, in its wisdom, decided that regulations were not necessary, what did you expect. You blame the ensuing moral hazard, easy inflation and "irrational exuberance" on the "failure of regulatory system! That would be like saying that murders, thefts and vandalism in a failed state were due to the — lack of legal system! Yes, indeed. Those who deregulated, or otherwise created a convoluted system on purpose are guilty. They knew what they were doing. Nothing can be more revealing then Alan Greenspan's quip at the beginning of his reign, that many practices may "seem illegal". Well, they were not. The meaningfull laws and regulations were gutted, mangled, tied in knots. Tim, you may be confused, or are trying to confuse others — either way it does not do credit to your common sense.

  6. United States of America is not Empire , EU is the Empire cause control, religion, politics and business in the whole world. US is Super Power the Military of the world and the future leader of the world. United States of Euopre is Europe Union Dollar 666 is the last empire of the world.

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