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Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the establishment of CIA front companies in Yemen and Somalia that may presage military incursions, the exorbitant price we pay to maintain an empire at permanent war, the 180 degree divergence between Obama’s rhetoric and actions and why terrorism itself can’t destroy the U.S. but decades of overreaction can.

MP3 here. (29:59)

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and executive director of the Council for the National Interest. He writes regularly for

8 thoughts on “Philip Giraldi”

  1. Welcome back Scott! But seriously, and I reemphasize the seriousness, please don't ever, ever, ever leave us hanging like that again! We need you!!! We need your show!!! I almost quit my job because I didn't have anything to listen too! Do you want my unemployment hanging over your head?

    1. Damn straight.

      The U.S. Government's degenerate "foreign policy" is its own worst enemy. The concept of "blowback" is unknown to Saint Barack O-Bomb-a The Blessed, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates and their fellow thugs. . . .

  2. Great! So now we give them reasons to suspect and possibly attack any legitimate civilian American businesses that exist near their borders. And of course, if that happens, we will sit back – shocked, shocked – that somebody would target random Americans running a business in Africa.

  3. "His life was taken away for nothing." You are perhaps too optimistic about what his future not working for the government would be.

  4. You are saying exactly what I said after I read Woodward's State of Denial! These people have no clue at all!!! That's why I find it ridiculous when I read people ascribing all sorts of grand political strategies to these people. They haven't one! It's all decisions made on the fly based on their interactions with the people in their immediate vicinity. Once they make up their minds on something inconsequential, it becomes their entire focus to make sure that it turns out right, no matter how much damage their obstinance means in the grand scheme of things, because let's face it, they themselves have no idea what the consequences of their decisions mean. It comes to them filtered through the mouths of sycophants or muted through mealy mouthed op-eds they read while drinking fresh squeezed orange juice and eating omelets.

  5. And you should get a sense of the incomprehensibility of the wars, because that's what they are, incomprehensible. I challenge anyone to give me a goal of the wars in Afghanistan. What are they? There isn't one! And the people charged with running these wars are thinking more about what they're having for dinner, with who and if they came off as a cool dude in their last interview.

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