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Anthony Gregory, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, discusses the goings-on at the recent Libertopia festival in Hollywood, CA,  how the facade of democracy makes government predation socially acceptable and why Islamic fear-mongering gets worse during Democratic administrations.

MP3 here. (37:44)

Anthony Gregory is a research analyst at the Independent Institute, Editor in Chief of Campaign for Liberty, moderator of the Beacon, policy adviser to the Future of Freedom Foundation and columnist for He guest edits Strike the Root. His writing has appeared in such places as the Christian Science Monitor San Diego Union Tribune,, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, Counterpunch, the American Conservative, Liberty Magazine, the Mises Institute blog, the Stress Blog, The Libertarian Enterprise and Liberty and Power, as well as in textbooks, journals and other outlets, and has been translated in several languages.

He wrote for Michael Badnarik’s 2004 campaign. He got his B.A. in history at UC Berkeley in 2003, where he wrote his thesis on the 1993 Waco disaster. He sings and plays in a rock band, the Melatones, and is an Eagle Scout. He gives talks frequently and is now writing an Independent Institute book on habeas corpus, detention policy and individual liberty.

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  1. Society is by nature oligarchic. Start with anarchy and you will eventually end up with something like what we have now. I think it was T. Jefferson who said something to the effect that if anarchy were the natural state of man, we'd have seen more examples in history. Alpha dogs will always take control eventually, whether they deserve to or not.

    1. Yeah, that's because those alpha dogs are always on the lookout for an opportunity to grab power. If it means screwing you to get it, well….. it was, in their mind at least, meant to be!


    Although you probably know that your life began when two cells united, do you know that people who create a nation are continuing a long history of things that unite? Atoms unite and form a molecule; molecules unite and form a cell; cells unite and form a person; and people unite to form a nation. After billions of years of uniting on earth, we are the first units to develop a brain that can understand what is going on.

    The biggest threat to our survival comes from people who want to rob us. To eliminate this threat, our ancestors created the first nation by choosing a leader who could protect each person from the violent behavior of others. This wonderful system of electing a leader allows people to live in peace, and is called a government. Unfortunately, no nation has survived for long because government leaders have misused their power.

    1. Yawn… that one is really getting old. Aside from the various imperial powers trying to prop up a state in Mogadishu, you have smatterings of warlords causing trouble (a Warlord is what you call the leader of a very small government).

      And besides, is this supposed to be a a counter argument to something? Is your answer to violence really to advocate MORE of it?

  3. I keep hearing all these references to anarchists. So, were there red-and-black anarcho-syndicalists and such, like me, at this libertopia? After all, libertarianism comes from the left originally. And eCAHNomics, supposedly Somalia boomed in between their most recent wars, but I think a better example would be anarchist Catalonia, or perhaps the Ukraine Free Territory!

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