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Andrew Cockburn, author of Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy, discusses his review of Joy Gordon’s Invisible War: The United States and the Iraq Sanctions, how innocuous-sounding sanctions fail to engender the popular opposition that a war does even though the death and destruction levels are on par and how the Clinton administration changed the requirements to end sanctions to depose Saddam Hussein and score domestic political points.

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Andrew Cockburn is the author of Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall and Catastrophic Legacy, and co-producer of American Casino, a documentary on the origins and consequences of the financial crash. He is a writer and lecturer on defense and national affairs and has written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, Playboy, Vanity Fair, and National Geographic, among other publications.

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  1. Bill Clinton killed a million Iraqis
    George W. Bush killed a million Iraqis

    Obama has said that killing Afghanis is more important to him than his efforts to continue to kill Iraqis. But since Afghanistan is less populated than Iraq, his chances of joining Hitler/Stalin/Enver Pasha/Johnson/Nixon/Suharto/PolPot/Clinton/Bush in the "I killed a million" club seem to be in doubt. Obama is apparently staking his chances of membership in this club on his Pakistani civil war that he keeps trying to get started.

  2. I can recall a National Geographic issue in 1988 or 89 about Iraq and what a wonderful, prosperous and secular nation it was compared to other Arab states.m At the time I was deeply involved in human rights issues and deplored the fact that US was ignoring human rights violations there and the answer given was always 'This is realpolitiks. We can't be concerned with sissy human rights issues when we deal with these nations. Real men deal with despots.' That kind of thing and then lo and behold all of a sudden human rights was the only thing and we've got to do something about it by God or we're not America the most wonderful nation on earth in history etc. Everything we do is a hoax and the people go along with it because they love a good movie and they don't question who writes the script and for what reason. Just give those boys a chance to be the next living John Wayne/Rambo and they'll jump at it. And it's always WWII all over again and here is the next Hitler and you're just that lousy Chamberlain guy if you dare to ask why.

  3. The Cult of DC requires continuous blood sacrifice. How else are the high priests of this murderous "faith" to ever enter the hereafter? To put it bluntly: Washington needs blood. Preferably yours!

  4. “Blow Job Bill” Clinton was and is a statist, warmongering swine. His wife “Howlin’ Hillary” is no better.

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