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Eric Margolis, foreign correspondent and author of War at the Top of the World and American Raj, discusses the longstanding corruption of Pakistan’s civilian leadership and judicial system, the hidden and undemocratic method of U.S. war funding and why it’s long past time to bring the troops home from their myriad places of occupation.

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Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles appear in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times and Dawn. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He appears as an expert on foreign affairs on CNN, BBC, France 2, France 24, Fox News, CTV and CBC.

As a war correspondent Margolis has covered conflicts in Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Sinai, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He was among the first journalists to ever interview Libya’s Muammar Khadaffi and was among the first to be allowed access to KGB headquarters in Moscow. A veteran of many conflicts in the Middle East, Margolis recently was featured in a special appearance on Britain’s Sky News TV as “the man who got it right” in his predictions about the dangerous risks and entanglements the US would face in Iraq.

Margolis is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet and American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.

10 thoughts on “Eric Margolis”

  1. Eric S. Margolis is truly a master of his craft. His forthrightness and anlaysis are right on target. I could only wish he were involved in U.S. foreign policy decisions. Were that the case, we would not be in the quagmire we now find ourselves in.
    His book the "American Raj", is absolutely great, among my all-time favorites on the region.

  2. Are you kidding? Margolis is better at telling us what is going on, if, he were doing foreign policy the neocons would not allow him to redress any of the quagmires we are involved. It is a difficult situation for our country due to our much world involvement .

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