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Jim Hanon, writer and director of the documentary Little Town of Bethlehem, discusses his film (the story of three men of different faiths who grew up in Israel and the occupied territories who put aside their differences to work toward a non-violent solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict), why the term “settlements” does not adequately describe the Israeli homes built atop stolen Palestinian land, a reminder to American evangelicals that there are indeed Palestinian Christians and why establishing a functional civil society is essential to lasting peace.

MP3 here. (18:04)

Jim Hanon is a former advertising executive. He wrote and directed the documentary film Little Town of Bethlehem.

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  1. I remember when the Civil Rights movement was occurring I was a young boy and I read about it in the papers in Canada. It really stirred me up. I followed the story of the freedom rides and marches every day, was outraged by the pictures of the dogs and water cannons that were used on the people by Bull Connors. I was quite shocked when much later I discussed this topic with my parents and discovered that they were okay with segregation.
    Anyway, looking back on it, the reason why nonviolence worked was that it was reported and written about in the press and tv. Non-violence cannot work unless it can reach the mass audience who will react with sympathy and concern for the victims. The reason why non-violence may not work in the Palestinian situation is that scenes of Israeli aggression and violence are not allowed to be depicted in our media. When there is a black-out – one that has lasted decades really – non-violence is like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. If no one hears it, if no one sees it, it is as if it never happened.

  2. Scott Hanon has quite an axe to grind. This site is not promoting peace, it is promotes hatred against Israel. Even as Jim Hanon tried to correct him Hanon cut the fellow off.

    Scott – so you say most people don't realize that Gaza is occupied territory? Who is occupying it?

  3. At almost 70 years of age, I'm admittedly behind the times. Raised a "Zionist' by ethnic tradition, a "Christian" by generational dogma, and a warrior by parental zealotry, I've become a peacemaker late in life only through the guts and gumption of people like Jim Hanon who had the audacity to show me what the "other side" looked like: just like me! I can only thank my God, Jehovah, that the Spirit He brought me here to complete was open to hear what people like him have said to me. The Word of God broke those chains tradition, & dogma, & zealotry bound me in, and the words of Truth of Love and Peace continue to free me wherever they are found. I just watched "Little Town of Bethlehem." Should I die tonight, I am a different person than who I woke up being this morning! Thank you all for the persistence and honesty you inject into this world of warring factions. You are winning one Spirit at a time. I understand better now why I've always prayed "for my brothers and sisters in Christ in every nation, every kindred, every tongue." since I became born again in 1979.

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