Thomas Nash


Thomas Nash, Coordinator of the Cluster Munition Coalition (, discusses the encouraging progress being made on the internationally-binding Convention on Cluster Munitions treaty, the devastating bombing campaign against Laos during the Vietnam War that left behind some 280 million cluster munitions that continue to kill and maim decades later, the refusal of the most prolific cluster bomb using-and-producing countries (U.S., China, Russia, Israel) to sign the treaty and how the expensive and difficult cluster munition cleanups are yet another uncalculated cost of war.

MP3 here. (18:06)

Thomas Nash is Coordinator of the Cluster Munition Coalition.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Nash”

  1. I understand Mr. Nash's desire to build goodwill for his organization, but I think it just sounds weird to commend the US government for helping out in the piddly way they have. They're responsible for dropping 200 million cluster bombs on a country that never attacked us! We, as the US, need to do whatever it takes to make that shit right! Remember when ol' Jimmy the peanut farmer said the destruction was mutual so it's okay? What was our destruction exactly? Protests? Soldiers killed in the line duty? That's the equivalent of some monster MMA fighter going to his neighbors house and beating the shit out of him, setting the house on fire and putting poison in all the food and then saying that he had no need to apologize or make things right because he singed his eyebrows with the flamethrower and when he got home his wife nagged him for being out too late.

  2. I did read somewhere, but only once & I don't remember the source, so not necessarily accurate info, that the only reason the U.S. agreed to the prohibition on poison gas in warfare is because it is cheap & effective. Can't have those poor folks being able to put up a fight against the U.S. behemoth, now can we.

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