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Joshua Kors, writer for The Nation, discusses the recent Congressional hearings on bogus “personality disorder” military discharges of injured soldiers, Sergeant Chuck Luther’s Congressional testimony about his confinement and torture for refusing to accept his personality disorder diagnosis, the billions of dollars in health care improperly denied to veterans and how the Pentagon was caught lying about an outreach program that was supposed to help veterans without medical care.

MP3 here. (18:20)

Joshua Kors covers veterans’ issues for The Nation. He is the winner of the National Magazine Award, George Polk Award, and Military Reporters and Editors Award. He was also a finalist for Harvard’s Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting and the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award. His work is featured in the American Society of Magazine Editors’ anthology “The Best American Magazine Writing 2008.” He also has a website.

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  1. Scott, the unacknowledged cruelty of this subject is that this is nothing new and should not be shocking to anybody (not that this justifies such). Veterans have always been subject to several diverse abuses/neglect in all times and all places. I knew it was a possiblity if something were to happen to me. It is a chance one takes if one chooses to serve The State – a very fickle Master. The very 1st American vets given short shrift were the victors of The Revolution. I think the very 1st Sec of the VA went to prison for corruption. Good Lord, the IRS has even gotten into the act by such as the hounding of Medal of Honor winner Alvin York It is not that long ago – The Gulf War – when the MSM acted outraged when discovering vets were being given crappy prosthetics.

    You pays your money, you takes your chances. I want to stress, again, that doesn't make the situation right, but it has always been this way.

    The idolization of the military – and the infatuation with a corrupted career-oriented officer system – is completely misplaced..

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