Chip Pitts


Chip Pitts, lecturer at Stanford Law School, discusses the government’s continuing attack on the Bill of Rights, Obama’s asserted power of extrajudicial assassination that would seem to be in violation of due process in the Fifth Amendment, the steady erosion of dignity for air travelers subject to TSA security theater, the ACLU/CCR lawsuit challenging the government’s ability to assassinate Anwar al-Awlaki, the threat of a global arms race in predator drones and why the US response to terrorism so far has only made the problem worse.

More information about the Freedom Summit mentioned at the show’s beginning can be found here.

MP3 here. (27:59)

Chip Pitts is the former chairman of Amnesty International USA Board. He has taught courses on ethical globalization, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, and international business and human rights at Stanford Law School, Oxford University, and elsewhere. Formerly an adjunct then full-time professor at Southern Methodist University Law School in Dallas, he has also been a partner at the global law firm Baker & McKenzie, then Chief Legal Officer of Nokia, Inc., and an investor, founding executive, and consultant to various start-up businesses in Austin, Texas and Silicon Valley.

6 thoughts on “Chip Pitts”

  1. Loved this guy! Informed AND impassioned! I still don't understand the need to apologize for Obama, couldn't someone make the same case for W. being under the pressure of the intelligence agencies and Pentagon? The man is responsible and I think it would be a good start if he could made an example of. Anyway, I really hope you have this guy back on.

  2. I guess the only 'consolation' I can draw from this situation, Scott, is that they are surely going to kill you before they come after me. So, as long as you're still around I feel relatively safe. For the time being. Don't stand in front of an open window with the lights on at night. By the way, before it's too late, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate and admire your interviews. I can't say that they give me much hope, but they do give me a sense of integrity which I can't find in great abundance anywhere else in the media , save Democracy Now and to a lesser extent Al-Jazeera.

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