Angela Keaton


Angela Keaton, Development Director and Antiwar Radio producer, discusses how your donations help continue the invaluable foreign policy news source that is, a reminder that is a nonprofit agency and donations are tax deductible (so you can fight the wars instead of contribute to them) and the November 24th National Opt-Out Day TSA protest put together by supporters.

MP3 here. (8:23)

Angela Keaton is Development Director at and the producer of Antiwar Radio. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 323-512-7095.

2 thoughts on “Angela Keaton”

  1. Has anyone considered the following concerning the second Gulf war? The supposed reason for
    invading Iraq was because they had "weapons of mass destruction". We knew from the first
    gulf war that they definitely had Scud missles that could reach all the nations with which they
    shared a border. Woud anyone in their right mind mass all their troops within easy reach of
    these missles and alleged weapons, which the U.S. did in Kuwait. Obviously, the pentagon, Rumsfeld, Cheny, Bush, etc. knew there were no WMD's in Iraq.

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