Scott Horton Interviews Nick Hankoff

Scott Horton, November 20, 2010

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Nick Hankoff, member of Year of Youth and Young Americans for Liberty, discusses the November 24th We Won’t Fly protest against TSA body scanners and groping searches, how former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff’s enthusiastic promotion of body scanners has become a conflict of interest and the growing outrage among people of all political persuasions against government attacks on their dignity and liberty.

MP3 here. (8:29)

Nick Hankoff is a member of Year of Youth and Young Americans for Liberty. He is involved in the We Won’t Fly November 24th protest against the TSA.

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  1. [...] can be done? You can always refuse to fly or perhaps travel to Canada or Mexico and fly from there. Another option is to pressure your local [...]

  2. Good idea …. except, instead of "we won't fly day", it needs to be "we won't fly YEAR".

    Drive the obnoxious airlines, and leave the TSA manning their empty police-state checkpoints in empty airports.

    Been driving since I lost my job … it so much nicer. You wouldn't believe how nice 'travel' is when you don't go anywhere near an airport.

  3. It is telling/instructive that the government apparently had no problem finding inidividuals who will vigorously and beligerantly carry out these practices/policies. I wonder what else these individuals would be willing to do to fellow citizens for a paycheck.

  4. Too bad the US doesn't have good trains and buses like other developed countries! Or even semi-developed countries like China!

    More seriously, the purpose of terrorism isn't so much to kill people as to PO the authorities into over-reacting and making more and more enemies. Sounds like it's working!

  5. I can dig that.

    I know people (I'm sure you do, too) who fly as little as possible. Air travel is so irksome today. And, of course, when you factor in the goose-stepping mentality of the cop-a-feel TSA hacks–well, you're no longer flying the friendly skies.

  6. Why is everyone adopting the language used by the administration? This is "invasive body search," not "enhanced pat-down," just as enhanced interrogation is torture. The got this started with the "death tax," that is an inheritance tax. No one is taxing the dead; the tax is paid by the person receiving the inheritance.
    No one in his right mind would fly for pleasure now. That is a thing of the past. Flying is for the condemned only.

  7. Backscatter vans are already on the road. Soon VIPER will be in bus and train depots. When they're at checkpoints on highways how then shall we travel?

    We're being setup for a gun grab. Wait and see.

  8. I suppose one need only ask the potato peelers at the Auschwitz canteen how they felt keeping the machine fed.

  9. I knew it would eventually happen but even Saturday Night Live had a brief skit on the TSA because of the latest insult with the cop-a-feel.

  10. Let's all call our congressmen, senators, TSA, HSD to protest. Also write to your local newspaper.
    There has to be conflicts of interest in this scanner affair.

  11. I worked for the airlines for 20 years and just retired with lifetime flight benefits from my last employer. Now with grope-a-dope and Rapiscan, I have no plans of using those "benefits" – ever. Flying is no longer a pleasure, privilege, or convenience but a discomfort, invasion and humiliation.

  12. My newspaper (23rd Cong Dist – NY) take a stand against Big Gov't? Hardly. They have spent the last few years mocking critics of the TSA. Last week was the 1st criticism, and it was very mild.

  13. I know this is not relevant, but good, now that Americans have a taste of 1% of what the Palestinians go through on evry aspect of thier lives, maybe they will think again about supporting their lttle whore in the middle east.

  14. That worked really well with TARP.

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