Ira Chernus


Ira Chernus, professor of religious studies and Jewish peace activist, discusses how the Israeli/Palestinian conflict polarizes American opinion like during the Vietnam War era, the detrimental effects of occupation on the Israeli state (given that the Palestinians suffer far more), why Obama needs more political support before he can force concessions on Israel and broker a peace deal, the many Leftist activists newly-energized by Republican gains in Congress and how settlement freezes show that serious US pressure can effect Israeli policy.

MP3 here. (18:04)

Ira Chernus is a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity and Monsters To Destroy: The Neoconservative War on Terror and Sin. He regularly writes for Commondreams, Tomdispatch, Alternet, Truthout and Foreign Policy in Focus.

3 thoughts on “Ira Chernus”

  1. What a load of utter, screaming crap. Yet another lefty apologist pretends that Obama really is a good guy who wants in and if ONLY we supported him even more blindly, he'd make us all live on Candy Mountain.

  2. A load of crap indeed. I have been listening to young Scott for years and have always remained impressed with his ability to cut through the dialectics and tripe to get to the fundamental issue or truth of the matter. Yet in this interview, I was left aghast … And moreso at Scott himself … then at yet another Hagalian dialectics practionor's obvious obfiscations.. It is bad enough that the airwaves are dominated by these individuals. Scott, you were played man … A victim of some serious sophistry … Or you are devolving into yet another sellout. Either way … This was bar none, the worst interview I have ever seen you conduct.

  3. Yes! Yes! I see that now. It is a good thing for the Palistinians that the war party is taking over again because, like Ira says, politics works best when your antagonists are in charge. What better way to invigorate you? Whohoo!  Now I get it.  
    Just as Arthur Silber (mockingly) states in his Antiwar piece submitted today “Increasingly widespread destruction, including the ongoing murder of civilians, is merely a means of “connecting the government to the people.” man, I can’t wait for the next interview with Ira from Lala-land?

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