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Independent journalist Anand Gopal discusses the embarrassing revelation that a Taliban impostor was involved in high-level negotiations with ISAF officials; how constantly-shifting goals and deadlines show the US is clueless in Afghanistan; how the clear, hold and build strategy is degenerating into the collective punishment of civilians and how the failure to peacefully integrate the surrendered Taliban leadership back into Afghan society gave rise to the insurgency.

MP3 here. (19:26)

Anand Gopal has covered Afghanistan for the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor and a number of other outlets. His dispatches can be read at

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  1. Either you learn from history and avoid stupid traps or you ignore history and it repeats. I remember when I was dicussing this invasion in 2001 with a collegue and this is what I told him in:

    "If the brutal Soviet Union had to leave Afghanistan instead of whiping out the entire country, why do you think that you can succeed there? The Brutish at the height of their power on the planet also failed to colonize the Afghans!"

    Today it's clear to me that the NATO already knows that it's doomed and they would have realized that in 2001 if their leaders had studied the history of Afghanistan before invading it. Or maybe they are so megalomaniac that they believe that the natural law does not apply to them.

  2. Great!
    But borrowing money from China in order to encircle China can only lead to an assured defeat of the predator.
    Even if you have 2000 military bases in the world, they won't allow you to control all natural resources and 7 billion people once they are aware of your goals! Wait, the Taliban who have resist all empires are less than 100,000 guys!

  3. It is myth created by OIC that Afghanistan was never ruled by outsiders. In fact emperor Ashoka subdued them and ruled over them as can be seen by Bamian Budhas . Evolution of Gnadhara art is due to Greek colonisation. Even very recently Muslim ruled Afghanistan was subdued by Sikhs who ruled over it.
    Amercans come only to subdue for small amount of time. They just donot have holding power and so dissipate their gains as in Afghanistan or in Iraq.

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