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Larisa Alexandrovna, Managing Editor of investigative news for RawStory, discusses her article on diplomatic talks between the US and Israel revealed by WikiLeaks; Mossad Director Meir Dagan’s attempt to give the US no alternative to a war with Iran; the five pillars of Israeli strategy for regime change in Iran, meant to be implemented simultaneously; and indications US and Israeli support for the MEK has enabled terrorist attacks inside Iran.

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Larisa Alexandrovna is an investigative journalist, covering mostly national security and intelligence. She is currently the Managing Editor of investigative news for the Raw Story. She is a contributor to Alternet, The Huffington Post, and other publications.

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  1. I hope people understand that the same evil people who got us into the war in iraq are now the people behind the push to attack Iran. So many of these evil people end up making a lot of money. It does make one wonder if they have as much political spunk as greed. The United States will be destroyed unless we can get these war mongers out of our political system. It actually will probably be good for Israel also. The morons of Israel planted 260,000,000 pine trees so they now are threaten by anyone with a bic lighter. They will have $98,000,000 stealth fighter jets which cannot carry a drop of compound which would put out the burning pine trees planted in the desert. Help save humanity and ignore the war mongers. They are evil.

    1. You really think that our Government is filled with evil people wanting to send their boys to fight in bloody wars for no reason? Wake up and stop reading Rense. Our Government is working to ensure that we have a United States for the next hundred of years… etc. Be patriotic and support your country.

      1. Yes I do and the Iraq war was clearly a case of evil sending our kids in harms way and they did it for their benefit and not the benefit of the USA nation. Today the same individual are pushing to attack iran. There is no reason for the USA to attack Iran. One individual John Bolton just stated that he is opposed to cutting the defense budget. I guess he agrees with giving Israel $4 billion dollars of f35 aircraft while we suffer the worse recession since the great depression.
        I appreciate that you love the USA but I love it also and I love the kids who defend us. Many are married to my relatives or they are my relatives. I hope they can grow old with all their body parts.

  2. Agree with tomoof snj. These are crazy evil. We should all be thankful to Wikileaks for leaking such a load of information. The shameful media instead of condeming state department wanted Assange to be arrested. A minister in Canada even advocated to assassinate Assange. And still he is not be arrested. Where is the end?

  3. I hear so much commentary regarding whether Iran has a nuclear weapon or not, and the basic argument is never heard. That is, that Iran has as much right to nukes as Israel does. Also, I don't understand why if Israel attacks Iran, the US will have to join in the war. If we have to take sides, we should actually be on the side of Iran, the victim of Israeli agression. Of course, what needs to be done is for the US to cease immediately providing help of any kind to Israel. We could even break diplomatic relations if necessary. We get nothing positive by our alliance with Israel. We would in fact benefit from friendly relations with Iran. I know this doesn't seem possible, but why don't more people at least say so? Or does have a different position?

    1. Iran can not be trusted with nukes. We would help Israel fight Iran, because we have already planned on attacking them anyway. France has been also prepared to go to war with Iran. Why do you think we have surrounded them. Iran supports terrorism against Israel, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. Their support to Al Qaeda, Hamas, Taliban, and other various militant groups, has caused the death of thousands of civilians, police officers, and American Soldiers. btw – I was taught by Iranian teachers, which really let me know the truth. Go to:

  4. Israel has no rights, as it is not party to the NPT and is not monitored. The USA, of course, constantly breks the rules (eg supplying nuclear material to India, another renegade, and basing nukes in Japan,Belgium, Netherlands etc against NPT rules.

  5. What about Iranian/Syrian hegemony in Lebanon ? What about Iran's dismall human rights record ? What about Syria killing 10,000 of it's own by Assad Sr. ? What about Irans treatment of the Kurds ? What about the PROXY WAR IRAN & Syria INSTIGATED ,The Summer war in Lebanon ? What about the Iranians helping their proxy Hezbollah , stockpile weapons and missles in Southern Lebanon in direct violation of UN resolutions ?
    Regime change in Iran ? You bet , and who better suited , than the US and Israel ? And look what IRAN did to it's own citizens when they held protests ?
    Who you calling terrorists ? You have a heavy bias Larisa , and perhaps a hidden ax to grind . Yea , Israel; has NUKES , and threatens NO ONE , and THOSE NUKES are what keeps the arabs and mohammadans of the region at bay . And Larisa , better go bstudy your history on India ….and PAKISTAN , as well as Pakistans nuclear dalliences .

    1. Well Iranian/Syrian influence in Lebanon happened because Israel invaded and placed it influence in sections of lebanon. Israel with a might military could invade but not hold a hostile land and they had to leave. That is why you have a problem In Lebanon. As far as human rights record it is not our concern. HOw about the human right of the arabs under the boot of the Israel military? How about the 1400 people of Gaza killed because they elected the party that Israel did not approve. Why is the treatment of the kuds your or our problem? BTW the last 7 military actions by Israel were acts of aggression by Israel so please spare me when I laugh at the statement that Israel threatens no one. They steal an arab home just about every day. I think maybe you are a bit of a bigot but I suspect you would call me anti semetic if I did.

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