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Robert Stinnett, author of Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, discusses how FDR provoked and allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in order to rally the American people to support US entry in WWII; the provocative McCollum memo that proposed an 8-part strategy to isolate and weaken Japan; new evidence that shows Admiral Kimmel was indeed privy to FDR’s plans; and how – despite what some skeptics say – the Japanese naval and diplomatic codes were broken before the Pearl Harbor attack.

MP3 here. (19:45)

Robert Stinnett is a Media Fellow at The Independent Institute in Oakland, California, and author of George Bush: The War Years and Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor. See the Independent Institute’s Pearl Harbor resources page here.

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  1. Interesting show but please make sure to include information about direct war acts, the aerial bombing by the United States in the areas of mainland China under Japanese control (a result of the Sin-Japanese war). The US bombing of Japanese troops started in June-July 1941, 6 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor., clearly an act of war against the Japanese and sufficient cause for Pearl Harbor.

    Mr. Stinnent thesis ignores this history.

    1. What you say is very interesting Joe, but were you referring to American volunteer pilots flying for the Chinese Army or actual American aircraft and pilots flying for the US government. I don´t know that it makes much differnce under international law or especially from a Japanese point of view.

      1. I'd have to research it once again (or you could 🙂 ) but my recollection is that these were pilots under the direction of the US government or seen by the japanese as such. As you say, if there were a sleight of hand by FDR to call them 'volunteers' it would not make any difference to the Japanese who were getting killed

        Reason enough to strike back..

  2. As a young child at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, I recall my father's tireless commentary as to how my Great Uncle, Admiral James O. Richardson was fired by Roosevelt over his criticism of Roosevelt and Kimmel's plan to anchor the Fleet at Pearl, thereby making them "sitting ducks", and his wont to leak to the media Rossevelt's provocations directed against the Japanese. But I wonder, what or where is the difference in foreign ploicy decisions between Roosevelt's administration and those of contemporary administrations such as Bush and Obama?

    1. Bruce,
      Very interesting point. Any chance you can do an AMA on Reddit? I would love to know more about you grand uncle's service.

      1. Hello,

        As I recall my father's comments,my Gret Uncle was Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet.
        My memory is a bit foggy, but I seem to remember the story-line being that Admiral James O. Richardson was criticising Roosevelt's decision to moor the fleet at Pearl and for provoking the Japanese.His take was that Roosevelt wished to awaken the American people to get involved in the war in Europe and the best way to do that was to be attacked by an Axis power or one of their allies, hence the provoking of the Japanese. I'm sorry that I don't know a lot more about Admiral Richardson, but admire him for trying to prevent war and jeopardizing his career to that end. Thanks for your emailand your interest.

  3. Scott, here you are today expressing belief in a cospiracy to start WW II, the good war, yet you refuse to open up to a similar conspiracy theory about 9-11. You have even used deragatory statements about those who express belief in a 9-11 conspiracy. I love what you talk about on your show, but find you very inconsistant when it comes to conspiracies. Have you promissed somebody never to consider the 9-11 conspiracy in order to be permitted to give your program?

  4. I'll be truthful: I don't believe that this is really true. Roosevelt and his policies are now very much out of favor, not to mention that he had very powerful and influential enemies. Documents can be fabricated after the fact and injected into stream. I know it's impossible to tell the faux conspiracies from the true ones, but I for one don't believe this one.

  5. There never was any reason at all for America to pursue its policy of confrontation against Japan. FDR bears much of the blame.

  6. I don't know of any bombing of Japanese troops by US forces in China before Pearl Harbor. Although the AFG (The Flying Tigers) arrived in China in mid 1941 they did not see action until Dec 10th. There was an earlier US effort to help train Chinese pilots in 1932-34. We replaced an earlier German effort. We were replaced by the Italians.
    We had been in an economic war and sometimes close to a shooting war with the Japanese since the twenties. Long before FDR. He may have wanted to get us into a war with Germany and unlike our JP Morgan driven entry into WW1, there was good reason. And please don't make it sound like we were picking on the poor innocent Japanese. They were butchers. They had already killed millions of Chinese (whom they considered vermin) and they would go on to do the same everywhere they went. Their motto was kill all, loot all, burn all. And let's not forget what they did to our POWs. They were starved, beaten, and worked to death by the thousands. Many at the hands of Japanese companies like Kawasaki and Mitsubishi.
    I think FDR saw the war coming and didn't want us to be as totally unprepared as we were before WW1. Did he poke the Japanese and Germans with a stick? Yes. But in the context of the time, I don't blame him. The Germans and Japanese were planning for war with us so it was a good idea for us to prepare. What he was guilty of was underestimating the Japanese. And it's generally agreed that if our Fleet had more warning and actually met the Japanese on the open ocean our losses would have been much, much worse. The first six months of the war in the Pacific bear that out.
    We got into WW1 because American bankers and industrialists would have lost a lot of money if the Germans had won. That was a conspiracy. They even set up fake grass roots groups to fan anti German feelings. I don't see that kind of conspiracy with FDR. We just got caught with our pants down. The Germans and Japanese slaughtered tens of millions of innocent people. And they would have done much worse had we not stopped them.
    So stop worrying about FDR and pay attention to what's going on today. is a great place to start.

    1. Dean,

      I'll look for the source info on the bombing in Japan 6 months before Pearl Harbor. I believe it is in the Varona Files. It is, obviously, not well known.

      The early bombing is mentioned in this essay (Was Japan an Aggressor Nation?) by Toshio Tagomashi, former Japanese Air Force Chief of Staff <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

      Regarding your statement that Germany and Japan were planning for war with us I suggest 'Buchanan's book 'Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War'.

      As far as the Japanese atrocities go such criminal behaviour is true for all nations at war, including our own.

      1. Is it your view that the Americans were guilty of such criminal behaviors as the Rape of Nanking? Or the building of the jungle railroads. Or the many massacres in China and elsewhere? That is outrageous, ignorant nonsense.

  7. Hard to understand why Mr. Stinnett approves of Roosevelt's treachery. WWII myths seem to have eternal life. Hitler would have conquered the world if the US had been neutral? Give me a break. What actually happened was that our ally Joe Stalin got control of all of Eastern Europe. Stalin was at least as bad as Hitler. I'm sorry, but how can we really be anti-war if we continue to worship at the shrine of WWI? My late father was in the army in France during the war. I'm sorry I was never able to talk with him about it. I didn't turn completely against the war until many years after his death.

    1. No hitler would have had a war with stalin. No one believed that there was not going ot be a war. Churchill and FDR elected to start a war which they could have avoided until Germany was much weaker and possibly lost interest in war. WWII was a great war on the individual soldier but the "good" war is very questionable. I believe that we and England would have been better served watching the action. I do believe Pearl Harbor was set up by FDR to get us into the war. The USA had an aircraft carrier I believe the enterprise which had advanced patrol planes attacked by the Japanese headed to bomb Pearl Harbor. The enterprise did nothing which would in my opinion never happen in a real danger situation. The USA aircraft other than I believe 4 short down stood and did nothing. There just is too many facts to ignore and I also believe we broke the code much earlier and knew exactly what the Japanese planned. The people who believed we should have waited were correct.

    2. Hitler's fate was sealed on June 22 1941 when he chose to invade the USSR. 90% of all German servicemen killed in WW2 were killed by the Soviets.

    3. 'but how can we really be anti-war if we continue to worship at the shrine of WWI? .' Of course I meant to say WWII, not WWI. Anyway, that war was a colossal mistake as well. In fact WWII was mostly the result of WWI.

  8. The real danger is the missiles the US is deploying on ships in the Black Sea in Bulgaria and on land in Romania and Poland. Former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge "Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike". MAD is not enough for the bloody fools in the Pentagon, they go for NUTS, nuclear use target selection. The result is suicide as Bob Aldridge realized and resigned.

  9. One thing for sure, wiki leaks has brought to light how dishonest our DC leglislators are. I learned in grammer school. if you keep secrets, eventually people will find out, its best not to have secrets. Now I know how dishonest the DC crowd is. i think wiki leaks will inform on all the liars and trust will return. They are mad about getting caught….not that it was wrong……….

  10. Check out a book titled "The nameless war"by Archibald Maule THE NAMELESS WAR

    This book, first published in 1952 is a small (5' X 7') format, of only 120 pages. One of the 'little gems' that has been suppressed and gives us a side of history that has NEVER been included in the history books for all to see. Captain Ramsay, WWI veteran, former member of His Majesty's Scottish Guard, and finally a Member of Parliament, was arrested and imprisoned for nearly three years under an Orwellian law in England, without formal charges or a trial, because he had discovered and was attempting to expose the orchestrators of WWII.


  11. So Scott–was this a CONSPIRACY THEORY??

    You know like the Oklahoma City Bombing case?

    I think both were.

    So when will you wake up to JFK, RFK, MLK and 911?

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