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Philip Weiss, investigative journalist and author of the blog MondoWeiss, discusses the group of Israeli Rabbis advocating against leasing property to non-Jews (including Israeli Arab citizens); the end of the halfhearted US push for a West Bank settlement freeze; why the US can’t be an honest Israeli/Palestinian broker while Dennis Ross is more influential than George Mitchell; and why US Mideast policy won’t change while pro-Zionist American Jews remain empowered, outspoken and free from media scrutiny.

MP3 here. (19:40)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps.

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  1. Philip,

    Current AIPAC president Lee Rosenberg had a lot more influence on Obama than Rashid Khalidi, right?

    According to Rosenberg, the then U.S. Senate hopeful “reached out” to the jazz recording industry entrepreneur and venture capitalist “to learn more about the issues affecting Israel and Middle East, and the U.S.–Israel relationship.” Later, when Obama’s Chicago backers made it clear to him that Israel was an issue “he had to get educated on,” Rosenberg accompanied the then-senator on his first trip to Israel, where he learned “an appreciation of the security needs.”

    1. When the Israeli puppetmaster NuttyYahoo pulls the strings on O-Bomb-a, the latter dances to Israel's tune. Same with Hillary Clinton, Biden, the U.S. Congress. . . .

      Our "51st state" is the tail that wags the American dog, to our enormous detriment.

  2. could it be any more obvious

    Obamas rhetoric seeking ME peace has been cautiously sidetracked by hillary biden mitchell and their aipac handlers. Why expect Obama to deliver any maverick solutions to the premier problem when he has failed to show a spine on any significant issue in 2yrs.

    Change in policy can only come when the Security industry decides they will not milk this cow

  3. Interesting interview Scott, but you should not under-estimate the influence of the Dispensationalists. For every John Haggee, there are at least 1000 who think along the same lines, but not as loudly.

  4. How about China as honest broker? As our creditor, they could keep us at bay; they have no dog in the fight. Certainly China has no Israel Lobby – that's the central advantage. There's nothing about what we do in the Middle East that makes us now or ever an "honest broker".

  5. Scott – you question how a satellite can determine what our foreign policy is? I'm sort of perplexed you even asked this question. Truly you know the answer. Its simple – Israel and its agents control our politicians and control our media. End of story.

    I hope that Philip Weiss is correct that the attitudes in this country towards Israel are changing. Frankly, I just don't see it.

    Anyhoo – great interview as always.

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