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Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party, discusses how the Carmel wildfire reveals Israel’s singular focus on militarization at the expense of basic public services like firefighting (necessitating humbling assistance from Turkey and the Palestinian Authority); how millions of trees hide the evidence of razed villages and the mass expulsion of Palestinians in the 1948 Nakba; touring the new bohemian village of Ein Hod where the mosque of the displaced Palestinian population was converted into a bar; how the evangelical Christian GOD TV network is funding the Jewish National Fund to plant a million trees in the Negev desert (displacing Bedouin residents) to advertise the second coming of Christ; and why the Israeli settlements can’t be undone while the government is staffed with, and controlled by, former and current settlers.

MP3 here. (21:17)

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author whose articles and video documentaries have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Huffington Post,, Al Jazeera English and many other publications. He is a writing fellow for the Nation Institute. His book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party, is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller.

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  1. Israhell has hundreds of nuclear devices in the Negev desert that might auto-ignite due to high temperatures. I'd like to see how they'll fight that type of fire.

  2. You reap what you sow ? Millions of tree "hiding the evidence " ……???? of mass expulsion of palestinians in the What ! 1948 Nakba ???
    Who wrote this ? Blumenthal ? Or is it the redaction /spin/ revisionism of Scott Horton ?
    What a CROCK of anti-Israel bullsheet !
    And the imbeciles join in ……No Nanu nuclear devices will not "auto-ignite " AND the ridiculous estimation by Horton that trees planted in the Negev will displace Bedouins , is pure BIASED B.S.

    oh well , you know you just can't fix stupid …tsk, tsk , tsk .

    1. Re: displacing Beduins, West Bankers, etc., as one of Ha'aretz's columnists said a while back, Who will wipe the settlers' arses for them?

  3. In regard to the Carmel wildfires: At first Israeli officials and their mouth pieces presented the deaths of the 41 prison guards in their typical self-serving manner, claiming that the bus carrying these three dozen plus guards was rushing into the flames in order to evacuate and 'save' the mostly Palestinian and Arab prisoners in a local prison. This resonated with the usual 'blame the Arabs' for Israel's problems world view. Naturally, Israelis also blamed an Arab teenager for accidently causing the fire in the first place.
    The Israelis must have been spitting mad over having to borrow Palestinian firefighters and equipment – not to mention Turkish expertise and manpower, which they will spin as the untermenschen needing to expiate their historical guilt (the Turks for the Armenian genocide and the Pals for living in the wrong place – or even existing).
    Alas there is no chance that any sensible public policies on civil defense can arise out of such a contorted system.

  4. ZUUBAJIE – glad you possess enough primitive intelligence to realize just that.The last place to divert water in Israel is the Negev .But in this article ,written mainly for heavily biased imbeciles there is to be found the usual "evil Israelis " hatching some dastardly plot to displace Bedouins [lol- who dont stay in one place to begin with ] And the second guessing from the ignorant above posts is hilarious if not especially juvenile .
    I doubt you folks even realize how hopelessly stupid you sound . But that would be another by-product of ignorance .
    Btw …the Turks did indeed commit genocide against the Armenians /funny how Turkish manpower and expertise could not help them in their own natural disaster , for in recent earthquakes , it was the US , Israel , and several other countries that helped them out .

  5. And for those of you too lazy to actually investigate reports and sources , but so eager to swallow the bait –
    In the evening of 6 December, police announced that a 14 year-old resident of Isfiya admitted to inadvertently starting the fire. The teen told investigators that after smoking a nargila, he threw a lit coal into an open area and was so shocked by the result that he returned to school without telling anyone what he had done.

    Druze Member of Knesset Ayoob Kara, a resident of Isfiya near where the fire broke out, had said on the evening of 2 December that he had received information that the fire was a terror act. MKs Ya'akov Katz and Michael Ben-Ari also cited the possibility that the fire was an act of terrorism and called for an investigation.
    Hmmm……a druze says terrorism …..a 14 yr.old fron Isfiya admits to starting the fire …..and how do you Robin , conclude that the Israelis are BLAMING THE ARABS OR PALESTINIANS ???
    That another of your ASS-UMPTIONS ?

    1. Mr. BDB,
      The Israeli solution to the problem of wild fires should be… to expel all 14 year old boys, or just 14 year old Arab boys who might try smoking a water pipe, or what?? If it were caused by lightening – would the Israelis ban the heavens?
      Don't you ever get tired of dragging in the word 'terroism' into every event – even a horrific natural disaster which was compounded by idiotic development policies and an underfunded civil defense system. That doesn't solve the problem. Indeed, your words trivialize the horrific, agonizing deaths of those young prison guard cadets.
      I repeat myself: Alas there is no chance that any sensible public policies on civil defense can arise out of such a contorted system.

  6. Thank you for showing your infantile mentality Robin. You only confirm my earlier conclusions .
    And now you crying crocodile tears for the Israeli Cadets ??? You phony !
    And BTW , I didn't drag the word terrorism into every event , I guess reading comprehension is another of your weak points , it was a DRUZE MP , who mentioned it . You do know who the Druze are …….er …uh …lol…maybe you dont huh ?

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