William Buppert


Bill Buppert, retired US Army officer and blogger, discusses the near-revolt of junior officers in the US armed forces over the bogus reasons given for war in Iraq and Afghanistan; COIN‘s failure against Islamic insurgencies dating back to WWII; how the immature antics of young soldiers deployed abroad make winning “hearts and minds” all but impossible; fascism in the form of the American Protective League during the Woodrow Wilson administration; the danger an unforeseen “black swan” event will suddenly collapse the US empire and economy; and how a single state seceding from the US will rapidly accelerate the nation’s dissolution.

MP3 here. (18:05)

Bill Buppert is a retired officer from the US Army living in the high desert of the American Southwest with his wife and home-schooled family. He has been a writer for a number of publications to include www.lewrockwell.com. He is particularly interested in the issues of liberty, survival, shooting and military history.

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  1. I strongly urge those in the intelligence community to get the insurance file and decryption software. In the event that the key is released, many untold govt secrets could be published that bring to light the exact nature and wrongs of authorizing wars without the will of the people. If the people to whom the govt represents does not believe war can be won, then it will always be a lost war. It is akin to Nixon having executive power disintegrate and Vietnam remaining an enemy in our own mind. The foundation by which the govt self-serves military secrecy against civilian freedom hangs in the balance. This insurance is the preventative measure to losing most or all rights as a citizenry.

  2. "Immature antics" I suppose includes boozing and wh*ring. I doubt this is confined only to the younger soldiers! Where DO our little boys in green go for R&R these days? Our wonderful ally, Uzbekistan, supplies Dubai with harlots; do they do the same for the US Army? The USMC?

  3. Judging from the breadth of his military experience, Buppert was an accomplished officer. He's definitely a thoughtful man.

    By all indications, the United States is a nation that's headed for the door, so to speak. Lawlessness and the security state at home, an arrogant, warmongering foreign policy (that's controlled by Israel), contempt for its citizens all militate against our survival as a country.

    Secession? Personally, I'm cool with that. If any American state decides that the U.S. Government just doesn't cut it anymore, that the United States is no longer a viable nation, let 'em bail out.

    1. Usually when a government breaks down, the result isn't some libertarian utopia, but a violent hell-hole like Somalia today or warlord China, early twentieth century. Don't expect the economy to thrive in any secesh rump state, either. Tariffs etc. between the former United states would slow down nearly all commerce.

  4. Just when I find myself warming to libertarianism, they go and say something utterly ridiculous.

    "We did have golden years between 1920 and 1928, in which the market was almost left unfettered."

    Oh, yes, it was all going swimmingly until 1928. Now, what was it that happened in 1929? Let me thing…oh, that's right: the Great F$%king Depression, that's what. Brought to you by those marvellously unfettered markets.

    As for the next assertion about a "uninterrupted cavalcade of economic calamaties"…it's like the post-war boom never happened. I'm yet to hear a credible libertarian explanation as to why the post-war period, with its 'fettered' markets and sky-high tax rates, also saw probably the greatest expansion in general wealth and wellbeing in human history.

    Sorry folks. You we cannot afford unfettered markets. The market needs fetters for its own good and the good of the economy and society. The fetters need to be loose enough to allow the beast to move forward steadily, but tight enough to stop it running out of control. Frankly what we need is a whole lot of these crooks and conmen IN fetters…for about 15 years.

    Libertarianism: great on war; extraterrestrial on economics.

    1. Of course it's easy to make a buck and grow when your own infrastructure and industry have not only emerged intact, but bigger and more capable while everyone else's is in smoking ruins. When they rebuild and catch up…well, all that time resting on your laurels catches up with you. As a friend of mine once said, "You can't fix stupid"

    2. Ok, Ok,…the speaker was incorrect when he spoke of the "unfettered golden years." Those golden years weren't "unfettered." He was and is incorrect to assume so. If you need to know why the market "crashed" it was because more money(8.5 billion), was on loan and speculated with in real estate and on the stock exchange than there was in actual hard currency. Was that because there wasn't any regulation? Wasn't the federal reserve system created in 1913 to prevent such disasters? How did they allow such an absurd mis balance to occur?
      Well, we have regulation now don't we? Why were investment banks allowed to pursue such acid investments created by commercial lenders with bad mortgages,…what happened to the fucking fetters?
      I think you mistake the reasoning for the "libertarian" position. It's not because they think that an unregulated market will lead us to some capitalist utopia that libertarians think the market should be unregulated. The reasoning behind it is that people will do stupid shit with their currency, whatever it maybe,…and no matter what lengths you go to protect them, they will somehow magically find the loophole to doing stupid shit again . So why spend the billions of dollars we don't have anyways trying to prevent disaster? Disaster, if you haven't noticed is in the nature of the universe. The longer you hold it off, the exponentially harder it bites back.
      All that your fetters do in the end is run the beast off a cliff.
      Oh, and there was a boom after WWII because we didn't have to support one of the largest military in the history of the world. Eisenhower was able to spend money on domestic programs like the interstate system instead of worthless bombs.

      In the end you become what you fought so hard against

    3. As for being a Libertarian, I take Noam Chomsky road, Libertarian Socialist. If some so called Libertarian tell you that you can't be a Libertarian Socialist, their Libertarianism is a hoax, by claiming "I'm more Libertarian than Thou" .

    4. "Now, what was it that happened in 1929? Let me thing…oh, that's right: the Great F$%king Depression, that's what. Brought to you by those marvellously unfettered markets."

      No it was brought to us by the idiots in DC and the Federal reserve. 1929 is the reason libertarians run around screaming about the evils of debt based money, fiat currency that can be printed from thin air, and why a gold standard is so important.

      And when the crash did hit what great action were taken by the pure hearted leaders who wished to set the evil vile capitalists in their place? Confiscate the gold holdings of the working class, destroy fresh crops to prop up prices(and hence tax revenue), wage controls, and impose new taxes on the poor.

      Oh, and the state (which never exploits anyone) used the massive defaults to buy up huge chucks of the country from starving farmers for pennies on the dollar.

      Is it any wonder the depression lasted until Dec 7 1941? If the world hadn't conked itself stupid in 1939 how much longer would the miser have been drawn out?

      These are the people that are going to "save" us from ourselves?

      P.S. Oh, and in the 1930's how was the tightly regulated and highly controled economy of the Soviet Union doing, well, besides the millions of dead from famine?

  5. This is an excellent interview. I've now read several of Bill Buppert's articles and am thoroughly impressed. Especially by his analysis of Vichy France. I submit the Weimar republic as another historical symmetry of relevance. Another thing I'd like to bring up is what's happening between Shell and Nigeria. To me there are a lot of similarities between what's been happening there and what happened in Iran prior to 1952. All we need now is a Nigerian Mossadegh and voila, another communal shit sandwich…everybody's gonna have to take a bite. Thank you Scott Horton and thank you Bill Buppert.

  6. Markets can create or have a hand in fomenting recessions or depression but they cannot prolong them. Most of the reasons for their existence can be traced back to fiat currencies and government regulatory tinkering which inevitably causes second and third order negative effects. If you look at the government inaction in response to the Panics of 1819 and 1857, the market quickly corrected which is what markets do; they adapt and adjust to conditions unlike the central planning organs of government.

    I should have used the term "comparatively unfettered" in all respects, so I stand corrected. I do think that Harding and Coolidge were among the least harmful denizens of that office in the 20th century. The Federal reserve creation in 1913 was a ticking time bomb which detonated in 1929 thanks to the central planning heavy-handedness of Hoover and the horrific follow-on by RedDR.

    As far as the notion of libertarian utopias, no such thing. Ours is a dystopic vision because the yen for perfection in this mortal coil is exactly what animates the massive corpse counts we saw in the 20th century. We, speaking as an abolitionist anarchist, see before us a world of imperfection which even in the best of times is rife with failed dreams and unrealized expectations but it will never have the disproportionate capability to do evil on a mass scale as governments have proven over five millennia of recorded history.

    Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium, indeed.

    Those who advocate libertarian socialism, please get in touch with me because I am trying to set up a debate on that very topic with anyone willing to cross rhetorical swords with me on video or audio.

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