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Mike Gogulski, founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, discusses the false rumor of Bradley Manning’s suicide; why the Cablegate documents look like dispatches to an emperor; the shortcoming in fundraising for Manning’s legal defense (due in part to WikiLeaks’ unfulfilled pledge); and fighting back against VISA, MasterCard, Amazon.com and other WikiLeaks suppressors through boycotts and cyber attacks.

MP3 here. (19:50)

Mike Gogulski is the founder of the BradleyManning.org website.

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  1. What would we do without government? Rival militias would be raping, robbing, murdering. People who looked different or had an unpopular religion would be lynched. Commerce would not flourish.

    1. Don't know if it's the right thread for this kind of debate.

      You mean, what would we do without defense associations? Government does some stopping of what you say, sometimes. And most of the time, it does raping robbing and murdering of its own. Does the word Irak bring something to mind for you?

      Historically, all states and governments have originated in bands of invaders and murderers who wanted to settle down and consolidate the power they had acquired. In fact, none other than state socialist and french immigration minister Eric Besson said so in his book, For the Nation, "the Nation created itself from a succession of invasions and migrations, and from powerful centralizing regimes which follow the invasions and consolidate the acquired power." Franz Oppenheimer puts out more of the same in his book, The State. You're invited to read it all.

      Nevertheless, let us suppose you have no time. Government is not necessary for anyone to stop rape, robbery or murder. It is not necessary to have religious tolerance. And neither is it necessary for commerce to flourish. In fact, if you are a bit honest, you will have to admit that whenever government put its nose in religion or commerce, it comes out really awful: religious persecution and all around poverty. Hundreds of billions have recently been doled out to all sorts of priviledged interests among the industry, and when government regulated religious thought, thousands were killed to impose the correct theology.

      No, I disagree fundamentally with you. The only decent government is self-government. Doesn't mean people can do all sorts of shit, quite the contrary.

    2. "Commerce would not flourish. "

      Govenment hinders commerce. It taxes it, "regulates" it in the interest of monopolies, and prohibits politically disfavoured transactions.

      And "lynching unpopular religions" is precisely what governments tend to do. Or hadn't you noticed?

  2. This whole Wiki thing is the capstone, if you will ( what an appropriate metaphor given who I'm alluding to )…it's proven that these people will continue to harass us unless we relinquish ( formally or otherwise ) control over our military to the state of Israel..haven't we already? Almost, but the false flag bombing of American bars/restaurants in Bahrain ( and the sinking of a Navy ship-also false-flag ) wasn't carried out in "06 bc Col. Molofsky and Gen Mattis ( and probably Adm Fallon ) came out aginst it….it was to be blamed, of course, on Iran..

  3. How is US govt transparency now that these cables are being released? It shows just how undiplomatic US officials can be toward other nations but more importantly how they hide from their own citizenry. If you cant win a war in 10 years or less, then what is the point of fighting? Freedom? No, Negative Power!

  4. I hope everyone who reads this (or anything else concerning B.M.) remembers he is where he is because he opened his big, stupid mouth. It doesn't make much sense to submit secret documents anonymously if you're going to turn right around and blah, does it?

  5. A note on the side: As most of us already know, the government is desperately trying to put a lid on WikiLeaks. They are blocking WikiLeads and secondary reporting sources from all military, other government computer networks, as well under the claim of national security and threat of pulling contracts demanding government contractors to do the same. They probably have a right to do that, however they go further. They are telling all military, other government employees, and employees of private companies with government contracts that reading WikiLeaks even on their own personal computers constitutes a violation of commitments to protect classified government information. Now that is Hogwash! Commitments to protect classified information extends only to not revealing information residing on secured government forums, and not verifying or otherwise commenting on the validity of such information that may exist in the public realm. There is a big difference between that, and being instructed not to read readily available public information for this latter amounts to censorship in violation of an individuals private rights as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Everybody, if for nothing else but to protest, go ahead and read WikiLeaks!

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