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Rob Prince, publisher of the Colorado Progressive Jewish News and lecturer at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies, discusses the WikiLeaks Cablegate document that shows the Bush administration twisted Ethiopia’s arm to invade Somalia; how former Under Secretary of State for Africa Jendayi Frazer threw Ethiopia under the bus when the invasion turned sour; how the US used Ethiopia as a proxy army against the Union of Islamic Courts (presumably hated because of their name) while US forces were bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan; why Condi Rice’s ignorance of world affairs (partly excepting Russia) is typical of American statesmen; how a respectable performance in Afghanistan could transform NATO into a worldwide police force; and the US search for a military foothold in Africa – preferably near the continent’s abundant mineral and energy resources.

MP3 here. (26:53)

Rob Prince is a lecturer at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the founder and publisher of Colorado Progressive Jewish News.

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  1. Great interview, Scott, Angela, thanks

    He seems to have been studying the region for a while
    Another article worth reading by Prince :
    "Houthi Rebellion in Yemen has the Saudis Nervous"

    And a cable to go along with it, of course :….
    "During the campaign, the Saudi military turned to the U.S. for emergency provision of munitions, imagery and intelligence to assist them to operate with greater precision. The U.S. military responded with alacrity to the extent possible, primarily by flying in stocks of ammunition
    for small weapons and artillery."

    1. well, this rob replying to rob

      first thanks scott and angela for the interview. i am studying the region as one comment puts it…ethiopia, somalia, and yemen. will do more pieces on the not so secret u.s. war in yemen in the near future…

      concerning this kind of an interview… i am not so interested in `laying down a line' as in engaging others so that collectively we can figure out what the us of a is doing out there in africa and based up that, develop alternative positive strategies.

      cheers, rob prince in denver

  2. "how a respectable performance in Afghanistan could transform NATO into a worldwide police force;"

    My, my. I guess NATO is going to die a miserable (deserved) death. For they are inherently incapable of such a role. As is anyone who conceives such foolishness.

  3. . Here is a part of why I asy that:
    1-There are at least 12 Shi’ite sects and the Zaidi of Yemen are the moderate of them, in fact, they are closer to the Sonnies of Saudi Arabia than to the extremists Ethna'asharies of Iran.
    2-The current government of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen is Shi’ite Zaidi and Zaidi have been in control historically.
    3-The "poor Houthis rebels," as you put it, who have been kicking the ass of 2 organized armies are ,in fact, Zaidi converted by Iran and Hizbollah to the Ethna'asharies so they can be used to expand Iran's control.
    4-Explain why Iran helped the US topple Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam in Iraq to the point that some think they actually control Iraq.
    5-Milliones of Yemenis work in Saudi and in fact some sectors of the Saudi economy are controlled by Yemenis who have elected to come through the legal channels.
    6-Erricting a wall is on the internationally recognized borders of Yemen and Saudi while the one Israelis’ erecting goes through the occupied Palestinian lands.

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